Month: December 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

We are celebrating a quiet Christmas … our snow is gone and the sun is out! Natasha and Stitch got new collars for the Holidays. As usual, they did not want to pose, but here are a few snaps:

Lou is cooking a delicious standing rib roast … I can smell it now. More pics to come.

Hope everyone had a nice Holiday!

An Antarctica Adventure

Lou and I have always wanted to go to Antarctica, and actually had a trip planned when we lived in Australia (but work got in the way). We aren’t sure it is the best travel destination for us, as it is a very long trip and the sea can also be quite rough. But we still dream. 

While contemplating a trip, I found the story of Colin O’Brady and Captain Louis Rudd. These two explorers are off on an incredible adventure. They are each trying to become the first to travel solo and unassisted across the continent of Antarctica. They didn’t set out intentionally to compete against each other, but they ended up starting out on the same day, taking a course separated from the other by a few miles.

They pull all of their supplies, including food, in a sled weighing over 400 pounds at the beginning of their 900+ mile journey. They ski for 10-12 hours a day, then set up their tent and prepare a meal before sleep. Then start all over the next day. Sometimes in extreme whiteout conditions. 

This week, they both independently made it to the South Pole. They were met by scientists living there, but could not accept so much as a cup of tea or a snickers bar.  

They are at day 42 in their journey, and have another 18-20 days to go. If all goes well. I believe Colin O’Brady is ahead by at least a half a day, but neither reports on the competitive aspect of their journey in their daily reports. Colin O’Brady posts a daily summary on Instagram:

Louis Rudd can be found on Facebook. 

This is not the type of Antarctica Adventure we want to do, but it is amazing to think about what these two explorers are doing. It takes an incredible amount of mental and physical fortitude.

Morning Ritual

Every morning, the pups wait anxiously for Lou to get dressed. After he gets his socks on, they get their morning treat. He gives them some tiny pieces of doggie trail mix. They each get Four little pieces. He counts as he gives them, and is convinced they now know how to count to 4. 

One – Two – Three – Four

Kitchen Adventure

I had a craving for Mexican Food. I used to like the burrito bowls from Chipotle when we lived in Florida.  I scanned the internet for recipes and found one for Quick Chipotle Pinto Beans.  Hmmm, I can work with that. We actually had all the needed ingredients (of course we did, have you seen Lou’s pantry?)

Now I had to open cans, measure spices, put it all in a pan, and heat it on the stovetop. Apparently, the sum of these actions is known as Cooking. 

I needed rice to go with the pinto beans … fortunately I had some ready to go.  

Easy Peasy so far.  Lou was so surprised when he walked in, he snapped my photo (this is usually my job)

And, before you ask … I was sitting on the stool cause I had a cramp in my back/neck … which did finally go away. 

Here are the beans, served on top a half cup of brown rice. 

But that isn’t quite like the Chipotle Original … Here come the chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and cilantro. With a dab of sour cream. This is the vegetarian version of the Chipotle Burrito Bowl. It was delicious, if I do say so myself. Lou’s role as chef is still quite secure … this Cooking stuff is a lot of work! And my repertoire now includes Pinto Beans, Hamburger Stroganoff, and Oatmeal Cookies. 

Lonesome George

I just saw a news article about Lonesome George … we met Lonesome George when we were in the Galápagos.  Well, we met his remains. Here is the article from the news article: