Month: October 2018

Even More FALL News …

Backstory … I am trying to eat better and also get more exercise. I do this periodically, but I’m serious this time! (It is okay to smile at this point). I bought a new Apple Watch to track my strenuous workouts.  One of the new features is calling 911 when it detects a major fall (Think … “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”). 


I accidentally called 911 today when playing with some of the watch settings. (I didn’t actually Fall). The dispatcher was very nice, and she asked questions to verify I was not being kidnapped or held against my will. She said this happens often with the Apple Watches. I tried to play this low key with Lou, who was in the garage working on his projects. 

Fast forward almost an hour …

Lou:  “Hey Sharon … the Sheriff is here for you.  You need to come here”

Me:   “Oh sh%t”

The nice Sheriff confirmed I was, in fact, okay. He and Lou then proceeded to bond over their lack of love for Apple products. 


I think I will just put my gadgets away and slink away to my Grandma Cave …

Brief Hello

Hoping everyone is well. We still have some photos to share from Acadia, and we are also seeing more and more color in our neighborhood. 

Just wanted to share this, cause it made me laugh. I routinely get unsolicited emails from Pinterest telling me I need to look at posts … they are usually stuff like designer heels, make up products, etc. Someone has a wicked sense of humor, cause the only things I look at on Pinterest are puppy pics.  

I saw this today, and laughed (yes, outloud):

Even More Fall Stuff

Steve took us out on a drive to see some Fall Colors, and we saw quite a bit.  Especially liked the beautiful reds in the blueberry barrens, and the beautiful trees in the cemetery.













More Faul Stuff

We made a road trip this week … headed up to Kathy and Steve’s for a few days to check out their new house.  The Fauls built a beautiful home in Machiasport (a couple hours north of us) and this was our first opportunity to see the new home.  


Steve’s “Clubhouse”


Kathy’s Garden … fenced off to protect from the critters


The woodpile


A closer look at the Clubhouse, and the Porsche Steve restored


The new home … perfect!


The view off the back deck


The view from the living room


Lou taking the tour of the plants in the front


We had a great visit, and much enjoyed the Faul Hospitality in the Fall … more pics to come of the Fall Colors.


Final Thoughts – Quito and Galápagos

Realized I never actually published the draft of our final wrap up on the trip to Ecuador.

We are grateful for the opportunity to travel to the Galápagos Islands, and the visit to Quito exceeded expectations. Our travel partners were great. Olivia and Claudia enthusiastically volunteered for all optional activities, and Catherine was right there with them. Amy and I hobbled along on our private shore walks, but then relived our heydays as athletic superstars at UCR, while sipping on a single malt in the comfortable lounge. Lou mostly sat back and observed, capturing the group with his telephoto lens. We all thank Lou for arranging the trip.

What struck me, and I think my travel partners, about the Galápagos Islands was how different each individual island is, and how National Park areas have been so well-protected. I can see why this was such a unique area for Darwin and other scientists to study the local species. I had read The Origin of Species when I was quite young, and reread it before the trip. It was very special to step upon the same land, to see the strange but wonderful giant tortoises, land iguanas, the marine iguanas, the finches, and the colorful crabs. It brought new meaning to Darwin’s work.

We were also very impressed by the city of Quito, and would not hesitate to go back for a longer visit. The architecture was impressive, and the people were welcoming.

We booked this trip through UnCruise. In reality, it wasn’t UnCruise as we know it – but that wasn’t really a problem. La Pinta and it’s staff operated under the UnCruise label during our cruise, but they also do trips through their own touring agency. The staff on the boat, and our naturalist guides were all excellent. We were so grateful for the special considerations given for some of our mobility issues. Life onboard the boat, including food, beverages, and presentations, were all quite good. The Chefs clearly took pride in their offerings, and the wait staff was exceptional.

48 passengers was a nice size, we never felt like we had to wait for meals or for excursions. There was a somewhat major hiccup with our transportation back to the airport, but we were able to recover and all was well. This is still my favorite photo of our group preparing to board the Pangas.

Air travel, both outside of Ecuador, and our internal transfers, did not go super smoothly. But we lived, we received all our luggage in the end, and we are no worse for the wear. So I think we’d just call this a risk of international travel.

A wonderful trip. Thank you Lou for all your hard work in arranging the trip. Thank you Amy and Claudia for sharing the adventure. Thank you Catherine, for stepping in for Tory and being a great traveling partner. Thank you, Olivia, for picking this destination for your graduation trip, and for representing our group in all the activities.

A Touch of Fall

The new (to us) boat is safely docked at Front Street Marina in Belfast. Lou has been making sure he is familiar with all of the equipment, and all the safety gear is in order.  With winter rapidly approaching, we won’t get much boating done this month, but will be ready in the spring. 

We are getting some fall color … took these snapshots on the way into Belfast today.  You can see there is still lots of,green, but seeing patches of yellow, orange and red.