Month: July 2018

Travel Update

We left the Galápagos Islands 3 days ago … took most of the day to get back to Quito to overnight before leaving Ecuador the next day. Once again, we had an early morning flight … supposedly leaving the hotel at 4:30 AM. Supposedly … because there was a mix up and our driver did not arrive. We took taxis to the airport and made it just in time. The good thing … no lines to check in!

We all breathed a sigh of relief and settled in for a long travel day.

We didn’t know just how long a day it might be … after arriving safely in Miami, our three groups headed to different gates. Catherine and Olivia were going through Dallas to Santa Ana, CA . Amy and Claudia through Phoenix to Ontario, CA. Lou and I had a stopover in Charlotte before flying to Portland, ME.

We sat on the taxiway for almost 3 hours before our flight to Charlotte was cancelled due to bad weather. Lou did the smart thing and called the American Platinum desk for rebooking. We couldn’t get out til the next day, so I booked a hotel near the airport. No idea where our luggage went.

Cath and Olivia were delayed in Dallas but finally made it home late that night. Lou got a note from American that their baggage was … somewhere else. Meanwhile, Amy and Claudia were also dealing with delays, rebooking and confusion. We are pretty sure they made it home before midnight.

Lou and I left for the airport at 5am and are now safely in Philadelphia, awaiting a flight to Bangor. With luck, we will be home this afternoon!

That is a lot of boring text to update you on travel travails, so here is another teaser:

On Our Way Home

Just a quick report. We have finished our cruise and our enroute home. Spending the night in Quito, with another early morning transfer to the airport.

All are well and the trip was enjoyed by everyone!

A brief taste of what is to come: