Month: May 2018

Springtime in Maine

This is the first year we have been here for the whole months of April and May. It is amazing watching the trees come to life. And we had a few beautiful flowers pop up aa well. Here are a couple photos (before the deer decided to have a snack):

Happy Birthday Lou !

We have two birthdays in May. Lou follows me by 8 days. I was not creative in the gift department, but did arrange a nice dinner at the Youngtown Inn. This is another of our favorite restaurants in the area.

We started with appetizers and salad … yummy.

Lou chose the lamb chops. A benefit of dining out. He gets one of his favorite foods and doesn’t have to be concerned that it is one of my least favorite … although these looked almost good enough to eat:

I chose the stuffed filet of sole … stuffed with scallops and crab. Rather amazing.

So that covers dinner. One point to note -and I know it is perhaps crass to talk $$ when describing dining experiences. A five course prix fixe chef’s choice dinner here is $50. Hartstone Inn was $55. We are amazed at the quality of food we can get here in Maine.

Dinner … there was no question I would go with my stand by … Grand Marnier Soufflé. Lou surprised me and also chose the Soufflé … the raspberry one. It came out with a sparkler to celebrate his post Medicare birthday:

So that was our evening. The folks here are so nice, and we always enjoy an evening at the Youngtown Inn.

My Favorite Stitch Pic

Stitch is … well, Stitch is many things. He is a character, a snuggler, a Cookie Monster, and more. He is also photogenic and tends to get more photos taken than does Natasha (even though she is my favorite :j )

This may be my all time favorite Stitch photo. He had had a very busy day, following Teresa (who takes care of our house and is Stitches best friend ( is it Stitch’s or Stitches?). Anyway, Stitch was very very tired, because Kathy and Steve had been here as well. So … setting the stage … I was sitting down eating a pretzel, and he so wanted a bite … but he was just too tired to sit up and beg.

The Best Birthday Present Ever

In addition to the nice dinner, Lou got quite creative for my gift. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but he knows I don’t like just any ol’ diamonds. Nope … I collect Astral Diamonds … an important currency in the video game I play. So, Lou got me some Astral Diamonds in a Treasure Chest !!! Awesome.

Happy Birthday

Lou treated me to a wonderful dinner at the Hartstone Inn in Camden. This is one of my favorite restaurants. Kathy and Steve helped us celebrate. This was a special birthday, and Lou wanted to commemorate my official welcome to Medicare. Thank you., Lou!!!

We are Well

Having some technical difficulties with the blog software, so hope to work through the issues soon!

Update … June 12,2018.  Hopefully I’ve fixed the malware issue that was affecting the site and blocking it from access by some. I am filling in some blog posts for the time we missed. 

Please let me know if you get any malware or virus notifications … as the site should be scanned and cleaned daily now. Thanks for your patience!