Month: April 2018

Road Trip!

We are taking a short trip to Portland to visit the outlet mall.  Will share our exciting times here, should we have any. 

In the meantime, found this sweet oldie … taken 6 years ago when Natasha was a pup … she was watching the Florida sunset with Lou. 

Hello All

Not much new. We continue to march into spring.

I did get my Maine Driver’s License today. Also signed up for my Medicare health plans and AARP. Let’s not talk about that.
Lou has been practicing his dog photography.
First … Stitch enjoys the morning sun
Then, he captured Tasha watching TV while I lounged in the sofa:
Then, some food photos I’ve been taking to share with y’all:
Easter Ham and Yam:
Seriously.  This was one of the best hams we have had in years. Tasty, not too salty. We had several more meals out of the ham.

Guest Blog – By Olivia

Background:  Olivia is a senior in high school and it is time to pick out which Universtiy she will attend. She has several great schools to choose from … not surprising.  Her grades and test scores are tops, she is captain of her high school Lacrosse Team, and has quite an art portfolio as well. She and Catherine took a road trip to Northern California to visit 2 schools earlier this week. Here are Olvia’s comments on the visits:

University of California at Davis

After expecting a quiet farm town, UC Davis was quite a surprise. It was a very lively college town full of interesting restaurants and nice people. We went to dinner at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in downtown Davis where the plates of sushi came out on little boats floating in a small river across the bar counter. The campus was bustling and shaded with pretty trees. The college had a nice welcoming atmosphere.


University of California at Santa Cruz


I am not sure what I expected Santa Cruz to be like, but I was not disappointed. The college, although not as lively as Davis, was beautiful and spread out. At UC Santa Cruz, there are 10 different colleges that the students live in, and in order to go there I have to select what college I want to live in. I am deciding between the environmental Rachel Carson college and the art Porter college. The new marine biology labs are located on the cliff overlooking the ocean. These facilities and the research taking place here are very impressive to me. After visiting UCSC, I really think that I want to go to this school.

Thank you so much, Olivia, for sharing part of your adventure with us. We wish you the best, and are very proud of you!

Happy Easter

Thinking of all our family and friends, near and far. Hoping you had a joyous Easter and are looking forward to spring.

A few random pics.
First … more handiwork from the clever one in the family. Beth shares her Easter creations -pretty darned cute!
Chrisie and Louie, ready for Easter:
And Stitch saw a picture of his new best friend:
As for other family news … we are wishing Olivia all the best, as she and Mom head out to check colleges in Northern California.
Mark has accompanied Victoria to Chicago, where she is competing in a volleyball tournament.
And Grandma Jeannette is like us, I think, enjoying the day and wondering where these kids get so much energy!
Happy Easter to All!!!