Month: March 2018

National Puppy Day!!!

What a great opportunity to post cute puppy pics. But you’ve seen our puppy pics ,,, many times. And, these two “pups” aren’t at all interested in posing for new pics:

As you can see, we all are enjoying our sunroom … even in the winter. 
We still have some snow on the ground, but it is melting. Nothing new here at all.  We did hear on the news —- there is concern over an unlicensed tattoo artist in Machias – but we are pretty sure Kathy and Steve are not in the market for tattoos!

1st Day of Spring

And it is sunny and bright, if only in the 20s. Expecting snow tomorrow.

A couple of dog pics. Natasha has decided she can’t live without her back rubs from Lou, so here she is imploring him to get busy:



Yesterday (Wednesday) we woke up to a ton of snow. It was almost a foot and was the really wet heavy stuff that costed the trees. 






By yesterday afternoon, most of the snow in the trees and on the deck railings had already melted. We may get more next week. 
And, since Stitch always gets his picture posted, here is Princess Natasha … sitting still for once:



The Big Storm

Has mostly passed us by so far. Some wind, lots of waves, but not much rain so far. We lost power but the generator came right on.

Apparently it takes major surgery as incentive to keep the blog up to date :). We are back to our dull, but peaceful life. Lou is recovering like a champ. He is back to driving, cooking and more. He uses his cane occasionally but is getting around well. Still has therapy twice a week.  
We moved the sofa from Lou’s office into the Sunroom / TV Room. The dogs approve. Here they are … Stitch is watching his new favorite show “Seal Team.”  He loves the dog on the show. Natasha is just watching us … she does that a lot.