Month: February 2018

Happy Valentines’s Day!

We enjoyed Valentine’s Day, and also went to the hospital. But just because Lou’s surgeon is there and he had his follow up appointment. Sounds like he came through with flying colors. He is even released to drive. Too bad he doesn’t have a car to drive …


Our Denali is getting a brand new engine. Apparently dumping all the oil on the highway is not good for the engine. The engine parts fused together and … that is not good. Fortunately everything is covered by warranty. We should have it back next week. 

A new knee, a new engine … we are on a roll here. 


Awesome Neighbors

We are so lucky!  Today, Donna, our favorite next door neighbor called to say they were bringing dinner. “They” meant Marci … her daughter who lives near Portland. 

Marci cooked all day and brought us over three meals!  Tomatoe Soup and Bread, Stuffed Peppers. Pot Roast, and chicken enchiladas. Wait .,, that is four meals for us!
So nice. Donna is dealing with some issues that keep her from cooking, but Marci made up for it ( that is why she is wearing the sexy pirate eyepatch). I snapped their picture while they thought I was getting the dog’s photo … wink, wink. 


Pot Roast!!!

Today was a cooking lesson. I shopped, chopped, and put everything in the slow cooker. Lou was right there supervising, so it was a joint effort. 

The roast cooked nicely, and it was tasty!

Catching Up … A Snapshot Review

All is well. Lou continues to improve. He has moved from the walker to a cane, and the swelling is down in his knee. He had the main bandage and staples removed and was cleared for a shower. He’s lost a few pounds; a combined result of my cooking and his lack of desire to eat much. The last couple days in review:


Feed Me!

Today was physical therapy day and Lou did a run up and down the stairs. He is allowed to use the stairs if someone is there to spot him. It does seem rather taxing (for him, not me). Good progress!!

Lou picked his meal tonight. He still doesn’t want much to eat. So, tonight was stuffed green peppers in tomatoe sauce. Stouffer’s helped, but I did have to learn how to use the oven, and carry everything upstairs 🙂



(That’s not dirt on the side of the bowl. I dripped sauce so had to wipe it off … oops. )

Sometimes, You Just Need a Hug

All is well … Lou continues to improve. Stitch has been very patient, but today, he’d had enough. He needed his Lou fix:

Don’t look if you are squeamish .,  it’s not a bad pic. Just shows the outline of the scar Lou will have:

Not too bad!  The happy face was the surgeon’s mark to show which leg.