Month: January 2018


Last night. When I went downstairs, I saw footprints leading to the basement patio. Uh oh. Monsters. Lou thinks deer, but the stride looks small. Maybe a bunny?

A better pic taken this morning:


Arrived safely in Northport before noon. Again, roads were clear, weather was sunny and on the brisk side (3 – 6 degrees).

Now to adapt to life in the cold. Thanks for following our little adventure.


Road Trip Day 3

A good day. Sunny, roads were clear with increasing amounts of snow on the ground as we approached Boston. Temps hovering in the low teens. 

Made it safely to our hotel before 4 PM and had a relaxing nite except for pups who have decided they want to be home!  They we bark faces in the early evening, even though we have a corner room where we (at leastLou and I) can’t hear anything. 

Early start tomorrow and home by noon, hopefully!

Road Trip Day 2

Pretty good day.  Sunny, road was clear, just a bit on the chilly side when walking the dogs outside. We made it to Baltimore around 5:30pm. Settled into a Residence Inn, had pizza delivered now ready for bed!

Road Trip Day 1

Heading north to Maine. Watching the weather closely. Day One was okay weatherwise, but traffic was very slow at the South Carolina Border. We are scheduled to go to Baltimore tomorrow.  Have lots of apps for monitoring I95 road conditions. 

Kinda cold as we left Palm Beach Gardens:

Snow on the Talmadge Bridge near Savannah:

More snow in Savannah:

Snow all along the roadside in South Carolina … quite icy in the morning.