Month: December 2017

Merry Christmas All

Wishing everyone, near and far, a very wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas Eve, then made Little Louie suffer as he waited to open presents while we had breakfast and coffee.

As with most almost-4 year olds, he was overwhelmed but loved his presents. Animals were a big hit!  More pics to come. Just a flavor of the morning here:



Quick Medical Update

Some of you were aware today was a fun day for me. Had a skin cancer removed with some Mohs surgery over my eyebrow. Fortunately, things went well. They got clear margins in the first pass. On to the Plastic Surgeon’s this afternoon for closure. Again, fortunately, he was able to close it without a skin graft.  (may have received a partial eye lid lift as a bonus … we shall see when all settles down). And thanks to Lou for driving me all around and buying popsicles.

I wasn’t impressed with the surgery room … not quite up to Palm Beach Standards, but I gave them a few points for just setting up the office and for fitting me in on short notice

Once home, I have to ice it down for 15 minutes every hour. 
We saw something interesting when coming out of the plastic surgeon’s office … check out the purse strap hanging out of the trunk (leopard skin of course) we weren’t sure if we were witnessing a Bentley Car Jacking, or just another entitled Palm Beach driver. 

A Very Victoria & Albert’s Night (Part II of A Very Long Night”

Those of you who have traveled with us at Disney before know we don’t always have the very best of luck. On this night, the boat portion of the journey went well. We then had to walk to the Monorail Staion at the Contemporary. Our aging knees carried us there; so far so good.

Surprise!  We quickly caught a monorail although the cars were quite crowded. Once at the Transportation Center, we waited, and waited. And waited for the train to continue to the Grand Floridian. Another monorail ahead had trouble so we were all in a holding pattern. While working out other transportion options in my head, the doors closed and we were on our way. Whew. Only a 10 minute delay.

After admiring the Christmas decorations, we stopped by the restaurant at 6pm to let them know we were there for our 6:30pm reservation. “No problem, step this way …” We dined in the Queen Victoria Room which is off the main dining room and has only 4 tables and its own serving staff. Don’t let the Haunted Mansion vibe fool you … the food is amazing.
We proceeded to have a wonderful 10+ course dinner and left the restaurant at 10:30pm !!!!  Yes, a very long but delightful night. 
Here are some photos … I hadn’t intended to take photos, but the food was so pretty I couldn’t resist. Quality is not as good as previous photos from here, because I just used the iPhone and no flash, of course. 

A Long Night – Part I

We rested most of the day, preparing for our feast at V&A’s.  Naturally, we planned to take Disney transportation to the restaurant, because Taxi’s are so ………. easy. 

On the way to the dock to catch a boat, we checked out some of the updates at The Wilderness Lodge. First … the “quiet pool, the smaller of the two on property pools:”

Then the new Geyser Trout bar and quick service restaurant,nicely located with a water view:

Some new additions to the main pool area as well:

Walking to the boat

Oh.  I knew I would forget to get a photo of the two of us together, so I snapped myself. 

Check out Part II for more on this Very Lonnnnnnngggggg Night. 

Eating at Disney World

Lou and I are at Disney World … Again!  This is our annual pre-Christmas trip, with a special dining event to celebrate our 40th Anniversary milestone.

So far we have eaten two meals. Both here at the Wilderness Lodge. We had a very nice dinner at the Artist Point Restaurant, and breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. Tonight we have the big event … dinner at Victoria and Albert’s, so we have to rest up for that.

For dinner Lou had the buffalo tenderloin with cauliflower potato and he liked it!  I had the halibut cooked in paper which was also very good

Lou had the House Specialty Berry Cobbler for dessert, which he did not share:

Basic Breakfast: Fruit Cup and eggs and stuff.
This last pic shows a little Rice Krispie treat, but there is a story. Our magic bands decided they didn’t want to work so we had to have our PIN numbers reset.  Stopped by the gift shop to buy something to test the PIN number. 
I picked what I thought was something cheap … turned out this tiny treat was $4.79 &*$%#@!!!


We’ve noticed quite a rise in prices in general. Fortunately we have Annual Passholder Discounts for most meals, so we may not go broke in three days.