Month: October 2017

Delicious Dinner

We made our way to Camden and the Hartstone Inn last night for dinner. This is one of our favorite restaurants. Chuck and Nina insisted on treating us to dinner which was not necessary but was, of course, a special treat. 

Dinner choices included lobster, pork chop, and a delicious prosciutto-wrapped halibut. 

Dessert followed … Apple Crisp with whipped cream and ice cream (!) and a bittersweet chocolate soufflé:

Old Time Memories

Chuck and Nina Ebner are visiting us this week from California. We’ve been friends for over 30 years. Lou and Chuck served in the Army reserve together.  The four of us did a lot of travels together, much of it to California wineries and a few golf courses. Oh, and some ski trips as well. Life was good when our knees still worked !!!!

Nina surprised us with a collection of photos from those early years. We had a great laugh as we looked at the photos and shared memories. Hoping to scan more of them in so I can share, but I did snap a couple with my phone. 
The first “doozy” Nina shared … from one of our first wine trips together. Yes, the tall guy is Lou … the guy in the crazy shorts is Chuck. We are still laughing about those shorts, which he claimed were the style at the time.  

Nina also shared this one … taken at Chuck’s 40th birthday party in 1989. This was taken in the cellar room at Rothschild’s Restaurant in Corona Del Mar, California. The restaurant still exists.  A coincidence – Catherine & Mark live in Corona Del Mar.  In fact, they live just a couple of streets over from Chuck and Nina. It is a small world (after all). 

Lazy Sunday

Had hoped to get back to Alaska today but laziness has won out. Lou is being good … working diligently on his train layout.

The weather has taken a big turn to cold, although it is bright and sunny out.
Here are a couple of dog snaps … Lou took this one of them on the couch in his office .., they were so tired after their grooming session:


Stitch decided to take a nap after lunch today.  He sat on Lou’s chair and Natasha napped on my lap. We’ve been using the sunroom a lot this year.