Month: September 2017

Back to Juneau and A Tour at Mendenhall Glacier

(9 July 2016) Our first week ended on July 9th, and we docked in Juneau just after breakfast.  We rented a van and drove to Mendenhall Glacier.  When Lou and I visited in 2013 it was May and there was almost no one there.  We saw lots of travelers, but still had a good view of the glacier and the falls.

Alaska July 9-1
Rogues’ Gallerry

Click to see the slideshow of the Mendenhall Glacier excursion.

After visiting the glacier and the Visitor’s Center, we drove back to town. The kids all went shopping and found some lunch, while Lou and I enjoyed lunch and a nap while waiting to board the ship.

That’s it for Week One of our Adventure. Week Two is coming, hopefully in less than 3 years !!!

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A Nice Visit to Acadia

Friends from Portland Oregon, Barb and Lowell, arrived on Monday and we left Tuesday for two days in Acadia. Having great weather and a lovely time. Lou knows Lowell from his model RR hobby, and we have spent time with Barb and Lowell before – including our Special Train Trip a year ago from LA to Glacier National Park.

A few photo snaps from the iPhone:

We did not stay at the Bar Harbor Inn, but stayed at one of the nearby B&Bs – the Bass Cottage Inn. A fully restored home from the 1890s. We did, however, have a nice dinner at the restaurant in the Bar Harbor Inn on our first night.

Earlier in the Day, we lunched at the Lighthouse Inn in Seal Harbor so Lowell and Barb could sample more Maine lobster. This is also where I left my camera !!?'@&$!!!?@@@

We had a delightful (I'm so descriptive!) breakfast at our B&B, followed by a trip to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse where the guys got some nice photos. Lots of Bass in our life this trip! Breakfast included French toast baguette with bananas foster … nice!!!!


After reclaiming my missing camera, we went into Acadia National Park to visit Jordan Pond and the Tea House. There we had a nice lunch, including the world famous Popovers with butter and jam – yummm.

A walk around Jordan Pond (not ALL the way around), and a drive back to the Inn for afternoon naps and some exploring downtown. We celebrated the close of another great day with Pizza at Rosalie's in Bar Harbor. This is my favorite pizza … seriously!

We do have photos of Acadia and more, but will have to wait for the camera downloads.

Heading home tomorrow to rescue the dogs from Puppy Prison. They will be quite upset to have missed a couple days with houseguests!


Irma Interrupts – Update at Bottom + Another Update

Irma interrupted my Alaska blogging. Have been glued to CNN watching the wind and waves.

As of 7pm this evening, all was well in Florida. We heard from Grandma and she was doing fine … lots of wind but still had power. She's on a slightly higher elevation so is not in a mandatory flood evacuation zone. The worst of the storm was yet to come, but reports show it being less intense than originally thought.

House in Palm Beach Gardens appears to be fine as far as we can tell. Still have power, and friends in the area have not reported anything bad. We will know more tomorrow or the next day.

I leave you with this photo … a cat watches the weather on US 1 as the family evacuated North:


UPDATE: Talked to Grandma at 8:30am (Monday Morning) … all is well. She has power, TV, Phone. No damage apparent from inside the house. Excellent news!!!

UPDATE #2: Jamie was able to go in and check our house in Florida. All is well. Lost one section of pool screen but not a big deal.

Kayaks & A Very Cold Dip

(8 July 2016) July 8th … still in the first week of our trip, we woke up in a quiet cove with a Coast Guard Vessel in sight.  Today was spent mostly relaxing on the boat and catching up on naps after the previous fun-filled days.  The younger crowd went on a kayaking excursion, while the oldsters took a skiff tour.  Even though it was a year ago, I remember this was a rather dull skiff tour … not much to see other than some eagles on the shoreline.  But, no complaints as we had more days to come.

We also had a few brave souls who participated in the Polar Plunge – not sure why anyone would want to subject themselves to freezing cold water, but they were smiling when they survived the plunge.

Alaska July 8-1

Today’s skiff tour was uneventful, but did draw a big smile from Beth.

Today was the polar plunge, and we had a few brave souls from our group who were crazy enough to jump into almost freezing cold conditions.

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A Relaxing UnCruise Day

(7 July 2016) We woke up to a bright sunshiny day. But if you had sneaked a peak at 4:30am, you would have seen a fiery sunrise:

Our group may have missed sunrise, but nobody was missing breakfast!

Lou was also out early to grab some scenic shots.

After checking out today’s menu, most of us loaded up for a skiff tour. It felt great to get out in sunshine, not a care in the world.

We saw some eagles, and even a pair of otters, as we made our way back to the boat.

Captain Dano tosses us a line as we arrive safely back to the boat. This had been a very nice skiff tour.

This has been a very long post, so let’s break now, and next we will see what tomorrow has in store for us.

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