Month: August 2017

Missing Lou

Yes, I miss Lou. But I'm not pining away. I know he will be back on Saturday. The rest of his fan club, however, is not taking his absence so well.

They spent all day Tuesday in the Window. Awaiting his return.

I would get “the look” every time I walked through the kitchen. They did watch some tv with me and finally came to bed, but the vigil started all over today:

3 more days to go!


The Rest of the Story

Lou had an early flight to Florida on Tuesday morning, but fortunately Tom and Karen were kind enough to drop him at Bangor for his 6am flight.

I said good bye to Karen and Tom on Monday night so I could sleep in on Tuesday. Tom treated us to a nice dinner at the Whale's Tooth Pub where Tom had more lobster and the rest of us had fish and chips.

So, the plan was for me to sleep until 7am or so on Tuesday (I had a big golf game). Well … Stitch got up with Lou and when he saw him pull out of the driveway, he started howling. Not barking, but baby wolf howling. I had no choice but to get up (Natasha kept sleeping). Figured I'd have some coffee. Guess what? Our Keurig was broken. Yes, Tom broke the Coffee Pot!!!!! 40 years ago he broke our brand new stereo system. Today it's the coffee pot. At my age, morning coffee is more important than James Taylor and The Beach Boys.

Sigh, I unplugged the coffee pot and tried to google a fix for an hour. No luck. Missing Lou already!


Visiting the Area

It was a beautiful day, although a little on the warm side. We took a ride to our favorite haunts … Fort Knox, Fort Point Lighthouse, and Young's Lobster Pound. Yes, Tom – life is this exciting in Maine:

You can see how dry it is, as we are in a mini-drought this year. Normally the grass would be much greener.

More to come tomorrow!


Guest Blog – By Beth

Hello! We are well, just enjoying the last of summer in Maine. Beth and Todd have shared a guest blog with us, so please keep reading to see the great work they have been doing on their house:


Beth’s Guest Blog: French Door (and a bunch of other stuff added to the scope of work along the way) Project

Todd and I have been wanting French doors for the now 8 years we’ve owned our house. Our old, flimsy 108” sliding doors were ugly and not very secure, and put on the track backwards so the screen only opened half way. Yes, with 2 dogs, that has been the bane of our existence for 8 years. Finally, the day has arrived!

I shopped and shopped looking for the perfect doors that wouldn’t blow the budget. Found them at Lowes, where Todd happens to service their vending machines so he used his military discount and picked them up using his work truck. Double bonus!

Our friend and handyman, Ken, got to work quickly and ripped out the old sliders. (So fast, I didn’t get a true before picture!)

And it was only in the mid-90s that weekend so we air conditioned the neighborhood. We’re waiting on that bill…yikes!

The new French doors are only 96” so he framed in that portion (which really ended up defining our dining room in a great way) and we boarded up for the night.

Ken sent for extra help the day (you can see an arm, in addition to Todd ready to lend a hand. They proceed to level the doors for the next 5 hours! I kept hearing how the sidelight panels make it extra tricky…

They look beautiful and all the doors open as they should and lock as they should. The sidelights have screens so we can enjoy the upcoming fall weather sans household critters.

We decided to replace the drywall to the corner and add insulation (our house was built in 1959 and I guess they didn’t do that then). Then we got to looking at an old, flimsy window on the other side of the wall and decided to replace that while we’re at it. Well, while we’re replacing the window, we may as well replace that drywall and insulate so the whole corner will be more efficient. It does get warm as it’s the farthest area from the AC vents, and we did just put in new doors so the drafts from the old sliders is no longer an issue, and, and, and…decision made, let’s do it! We also had an old, disconnected swamp cooler taking up half the side yard so let’s get rid of that too.

So, after French doors, a new window, a removed swamp cooler hole, and a never ending layer of drywall dust all over the house (totally worth it, by the way)…

We haven’t replaced the baseboards because we’re installing laminate flooring. Guest Blog #2 to come soon!


Thank you, Beth, for sharing your project. It looks great and nice to see you both continuing to improve your home!!!