Month: July 2017

Thank you Beth

Lou served a delicious Tortilla Soup tonight. Beth was kind enough to send him his special packs of soup mix and he doctored it up with chicken and more.

Donna joined us for dinner and we all had a nice time.

Oh … those are delicious raspberry muffins in the basket – made by Donna 🙂

Grandma’s Here

Grandma Jeannette arrived this evening after a safe flight from Florida. Relaxing before dinner, and I imagine – an early night to bed for all.

Natasha and Stitch are very very excited, but they are calming down now … resting formnow.

Nothing special planned this week. Just relaxing and enjoying catching up.


Strange Sleeping habits

Not so strange for Natasha … she has always preferred to lean against someone when she naps:

Stitch has a few favorite spots. Here, by the side of my chair, resting his chin on the bottom part of the table:

This one shows his head-resting pose a little clearer … plus he's got his froggy legs going too:

That's a good summary of our day. Oh, it started out with one of Lou's special bacon muffins: