Month: April 2017

Finishing Up Our Quick Trip

We had dinner last night at the Yachtsman Steak House and it was excellent. The food was outstanding and it was only a little noisy 🙂


We finished dinner in time to see the fireworks from both Epcot and Hollywood studios:


We also received a note from Natasha and Stitch … they were having a wonderful time at the kennel. They got high marks for cuddling and playing in the wading pool (they smell especially nice after that).

We drove home via the West Coast today and stopped off to see Grandma Jeannette. We had a nice visit and made it home by 5pm or so.

Whew … an action packed couple of days!


Another Vacation !!!

Don't even get photos up from the last trip and we are on the road again. Just a couple nights in Disney World, because we didn't get enough to eat on the Cruise. Natasha and Stitch are enjoying their time in the Best Friends kennel here at a Disney.

Arrived yesterday and started with dinner at Monsieur Paul, the French Restaurant in Epcot. The food was mostly good, the atmosphere mostly disappointing, and the company excellent. A note on atmosphere … there was a table of folks who were so loud you could barely have a conversation. This is disappointing, as it seems to keep happening. The restaurant itself is pleasant and we scored a nice window table.

We had a view of the fireworks – obviously we weren't set up to take photos:

We finished dinner, hopped on the boat and had a short trip from France to The Boardwalk.

For those of you wondering … the food in the pics … salmon layered appetizer, vichyssoise with giant cracker crouton / sea bass with potato scales, and duck breast,


Cruise Photos

Coming Soon … we've had a busy week trying to fit all our doctor appointments in.

And today, I was tasked with getting the eggs ready for the Easter Bunny.

There is a rumor I'm not a good cook. We should perhaps just say I'm not good in the kitchen. Regardless, the eggs did get colored. Lou was not impressed that some had a light spot, but I was not going to rotate them for 10 minutes.

It's enough they got done. Minor spillage, a couple of do overs … perhaps not my best work, but the Easter Bunny will be pleased.

Martha Stewart will probably be calling any day …

Cruise photos should start coming up this weekend.

Wishing all a Good Friday and Happy Easter.