Month: March 2017

A Day in the Life …

When you get older, life slows down. The little things mean more and it becomes important to enjoy each day. We do our best.

This pic illustrates a part of our day:

1st … the martini, hand mixed by Lou to celebrate cocktail hour in Florida

2nd … the 3 blue-cheese stuffed olives in the drink … more important than the drink

3rd … the glass … these martini glasses have survived many years and bring memories of good friends

4th… the glass is sitting on my just-received Strategy Guide for my new Video Game. Awesome. Because, I needed more ways to waste hours every day 🙂

5th… and, of course, Princess Natasha lurks, awaiting someone to throw her ball


Home Again

Made it safely to the plantation in the South. Just beat the blizzard that is pummeling Maine.

We had a nice visit with Kathy and Steve last night and this morning. The theme of the evening was “Good things come in Pairs”

Kathy served special mini cupcakes for dessert … yummy:


Stitch and Natasha were ready for bed, but eagerly awaiting their goodnight cookie:

Whew – 77 degrees in Florida! We had to turn on the A/C.


Road Trip – Day 2

Another safe travel day. Good weather, but some traffic going through Virginia. Weird for a Sunday afternoon. Going to try to get to Kathy and Steve's today.

The Tappan Zee Bridge is getting rebuilt:

Stitch decided to check out the neighbors – wast quick enough to catch a pic of him sitting on the radiator!

Here they are, waiting for Lou to give them something:



Road Trip … Day 1

Back on the road, heading South. We left Saturday morning, hoping to beat the storm that is coming to the Northeast. We had clear, but very cold weather on Day 1, safely arriving in New York in the afternoon for our evening stay.

We are going back to Florida to catch up on dentists, doctors, and more. We also have a Disney Cruise scheduled for Easter Week … Yay!

The dogs settled in and enjoyed the trip as usual. Stitch got in trouble three times in the first hour, but finally relaxed and assumed his navigation and napping duties. Natasha somehow manages to sneak on my lap for her naps … a holdover from her first trips as a pup.

Took a few quick snaps of the house as we pulled out of the driveway to show how the snow has melted.

We had no bad weather and the roads were okay, even though there was still snow for the early part of the trip. Check out the temperature in the last photo … top left. I was not prepared and walking the dogs was a chilly experience.

It is Sunday morning now, and once everyone wakes up, we will set off for Emporia, Virginia. A stop in Georgia tomorrow night and home on Tuesday.