Month: February 2017

When You Just Know

Dinner is going to be awesome. Lou prepped leftover steak, peppers, tomatoes and more for Fajitas. Plus the smell of stuffed poblano chiles is to die for. Yum!

As for snow news, we had no real issues and the snow on the roads and driveway is now melted. It was so warm today we had to open windows.

Morning Update

It snowed all night. Woke up to snow and wind. Wanted to take some better photos but not going out in this. The dogs managed to go outside to the little covered area outside the basement doors. They would be up to their ears in snow on the back deck.

Waiting Waiting Waiting

For the Blizzard. It’s almost 5pm and not much snow today. It’s supposed to start soona SN go for the next 24 hours, dropping 18-24 inches.

Here is what it looked like this morning:

And here are the two furry ones, resting up for their next outing in the snow:

Update … this is what it looks like at 9pm … snowing for a couple of hours:

All is well

Grandma said I better let y’all know we are fine!!! Not a lot new happening. Weather hasn’t been too bad. We will have some snow, then a few days of clear weather. Might see another storm this week.

Fresh snow late last week:


Then today, Lou went to the store and of course, his cheer team had to wait for him to come back. It’s not safe here without him!