Month: January 2017

Pasta Blog – Part Two

The conclusion of our Pasta Extravaganza: Lou took over once I had the cheese grated. He followed the directions to a “T,” browning the butter to a beautiful Caramel Color:

The verdict: 10/10 for preparation and presentation. 8/10 for taste and duplication of the Old Spaghetti Factory flavor. The batch of cheese I purchased seemed milder than I recall – compared to the OSF version (they do claim to use a special blend of mizithra).

Still – an unqualified success for me. Lou found it too bland. Good news is, I am having it again tonight, and we have more put away for a snowy day!!!

Pasta Special – Part One

Today is the day. We are going to try the Old Spaghetti Factory Mizithra and Browned Butter Pasta

My job was to grate the cheese. It came in a 1 pound dome … medium hardness:

Lou wanted the entire pound grated … so I did what I was told. Happy to report no fingers were harmed during the process.

Lou is in charge of the rest … browning the butter. The finished product review will be in Part Two.

We are a little nervous. The mizithra doesn’t taste like much … I’m hoping the butter brings out the flavor.

Stay tuned for more.


Lou still hasn't agreed to cook my pasta. He surely doesn't expect me to set the kitchen on fire, does he?

In the meantime, we enjoyed a slightly warmer day. Lou is even walking around in shorts tonight. I still have a sweatshirt and blanket on.

Stitch continues to enjoy watching television – here he is, taking a closer look:

This is the TV we have temporarily setup in the sunroom. We will be moving it so we can have a fire when watching TV!


More Cooking News


There is a meal at The Old Spaghetti Factory I really miss:

It is just plain spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra cheese. I ordered some mizithra cheese from Amazon and it arrived today!!!


I found the recipe and sent it to Lou:


Lou responded to my email with this:

I explained, since it was so dangerous, he should make it for me! Stay tuned.


Not All Experiments Have Happy Endings

As everyone knows, Lou is quite the chef. He enjoys baking homemade bread. Usually it is wonderful.

That is his latest experiment … Beer Bread. As he was making it he said something like, “No one has ever made this recipe. It might be pretty good…”

LOL – LOL – LOL. It came out about 2 inches high and was rather … firm.

Here is another view, just so you can compare – it should be 1/2 to 3/4 the height of the pan:

And yes, I had permission to share. You think I'm going to risk the ire of my personal Chef????


Happy Happy New Year

Here's hoping 2017 brings happiness and joy to all who enter, and for those who didn't make it, we wish them much peace.

Without supervision, we didn't stand a chance of making it until midnight. Natasha, our Snow Princess, took matters into her own hands at exactly midnight – jumping up from a sound sleep and howling. Apparently she heard a gun go off somewhere. Fine, an opportunity to say “Happy New Year!”

However, she then decided to bark at every shadow throughout the night. So, not a very restful start to 2017. Natasha, of course, caught up on her sleep this morning:


After naps, we are getting ready to enjoy another wonderful feast prepared by Chef Louie … the roast before it went into the oven:

A toast to the New Year: