Month: December 2016

Guess Who Came to Christmas Dinner?

Christmas dinner was wonderful as always. Lou held back and did just a 12 pound turkey. We ate 0.8 lbs for dinner, so have a few leftovers leftover.

A photo journalist looks at our Christmas dinner:


Our special guests were Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. They took time off from the X-Files to join us (thanks to the Holmes family)


Ho Ho Ho

Almost! It seemed like Christmas today as I was decorating the tree as it was snowing outside. Lou continued unpacking his train stuff and shoveling snow.

We are having a mini potluck tonight with our neighbors – at our house which is nice. We don't have to go out!


The mailman had to hike through the snow to deliver today:


All ready for the neighbors to arrive … I am sure Stitch and Natasha will be excited to have company!


I will try to get some photos of the tree in daylight. We went with a nautical / lobster / Maine Woods theme.


Made it to Maine

It was an easy drive home yesterday and we were unpacking the car before noon. All is well at the House – just going to take a few days to adjust to having snow on the ground and freezing outside!

There was quite a bit of snow at our hotel in Freeport … (that's the new truck – more room and more comfortable for long drives than the Jeep)


No snow during the drive to Northport, just evidence of the earlier storm:


Still snow on the ground but a lot less than in Freeport:


Our bald eagles are still here. A very large one stopped by – this is just a quick shot with the iPhone. Have to unpack the camera gear.


Okay … gotta get outta the warm bed and take the dogs out in the snow!!!


Are We There Yet?

Almost!  We have a short drive tomorrow to Northport and we will be ready to hunker down for the winter.

The drive North has been good, a short spurt of rain but mostly sunshine.

Here is Stitch, watching tv in the hotel room: