Month: November 2016

Happy Anniversary

To Us! Thanks for the kind wishes. To answer a question – not 40 yet – 39 and counting.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was great and we are having some leftover ham tonight. Lou made a delicious chicken stew and biscuits for the day after Thanksgiving. I slayed 437 dragons, which did not impress Lou, but you never know when you might need those dragon slaying skills.

The weather continues to hold, and enjoyable as it is, I think we are both (all four?) looking forward to returning to Maine in a couple of weeks.

The very special gift from Lou:

He was especially happy that the flower company got the balloon just right:

We both had to laugh … it even said right on the back of the card, “Anniversary balloon.” It looks like Amazon is not the only company who can't get it right these days.

Hope you all had an amazing Holiday!


Happy Birthday, Natasha

Princess Natasha is 5 Years Old today. Hard to believe! She is much the same, obsessed with her tennis balls, barely tolerates her “brother” and is convinced she is in charge of everything. The photo above was taken this morning – she was not happy to wake up. Those are Lou's feet under the covers.

A series of photos from when she was just a baby …


New Post – Finally!

Sorry for lack of updates. All is well. I've just been engrossed in my video games, and Lou is keeping busy as well.

We will have a quiet Thanksgiving, and plan to head back to Maine mid-December.

Stitch says hi … he is patiently waiting for me to go upstairs to bed (Natasha is already in bed).


It’s Snowing!

Okay, it is not snowing in Florida, but these are the pics from our trip through Killington, Vermont on October 23rd – as we were road tripping from Maine to Florida.  It was fun to to see the snow: