Month: October 2016

Happy Halloween

Yes, we did make it home safely and have been adapting to Florida.

We didn't really get in the Halloween Spirit (there might have been Halloween cookies and cupcakes, but I'm not telling).

As usual, Beth did not disappoint and she shared her talents:

Catherine sent the family Halloween photos as well –

Olivia made her costume, with some help from Louise – very clever!

Hope everyone has a spooky good time!


Road Trip Day 4

We made it from Virginia to South Carolina today. Not much fall color, but lots of sunshine. Home tomorrow!

Dogs didn't sleep a lot in the car today, so when we got to the hotel, they actually passed out next to each other – touching. Natasha usually doesn't allow this:


Road Trip Day 3

Not much to report, just wanted to say we are safe and making good progress. Morning started off very foggy but soon cleared up and we had sunshine all the way.

The dogs continue to enjoy the ride and the hotel stays. We are at the Best Western in Lexington, Virginia. Two more nights then we arrive in a Florida on Wednesday.


Road Trip Day 2

Woke up this morning to mist and overcast, but not a lot of rain. Still lots of colors, and snow in Killington, Vermont. Pics of snow are on the camera … snaps below from the iPhone.

Sad Pouty Dog because she is not allowed in the front seat
Sleepy dog ready for more napping

Spending the night at the Best Western in Huntsville, PA.


Road Trip Day 1

It's that time of year again. Time to head South – although we plan to come back to Maine for Christmas.

We had less than a 5 hour drive today, but it was rainy and dull most of the way. Still saw some pretty fall colors.

Natasha just woke up in the pic where she looks grumpy. And, as you can see, they are not shy about claiming their napping spots.

Our drive tomorrow will be longer, and we are hoping for better weather.



1) Got my sleep test results back. Only mild sleep apnea, so don't have to get a machine yet. No explanation for waking up several times a night. Agreed to try losing some weight and doing some exercise …

2) We had a nice visit from our friends Jan and Rodger last week. They were in the northeast for work and to see their son in Boston. Jan and I were roommates in college, and it was great to catch up. Stitch and Natasha enjoyed having company: