Month: July 2016

Almost Ready to GO

The rest of our tour group arrived safely yesterday. While we waited for the California Crew, we toured some of the Sitka sights.  We visited the Fortress of the Bear, where we saw 8 different bears – these bears were rescued and now live in the rehab center.  It’s illegal to return the bears to the wild, but the owners of the Fortress continue working to get that law changed.

As you can see, the bears are quite satisfied:


(Note – the Bears have lots of room to exercise and they do more than lie around – this photo was not intended to disparage the good work done at the Fortress of the Bear)

Our next stop was the Raptor Center – another place where raptors of all kinds are rehabilitated.  These can be returned to the wild once they recover from their injuries:


Lou retrieved wildlife of another sort in the afternoon, and we had time for some shopping:


After a great dinner at the Fly-in Fish Inn restaurant, we had one last stop to make:


That, happily, is the sight of Lou and Steve loading their missing bags which had not arrived on our flight the previous day.  Since Delta had no idea where they were, we did not have high hopes for recovering the bags (this might have created a few tense moments during the 24 hours we waited).   Whew, crisis No. 1 averted.

We board the Wilderness Discoverer this afternoon for our journey through the Inside Passages.