Month: June 2016

We are OFF!!!

We left Northport yesterday to begin our trek to Alaska. We spent the night at the Portland Airport to increase the liklihood of making our 4:30am arrival at the Delta Counter. We made it! Now awaiting takeoff to Atlanta >Seattle>Sitka.

Mij is holding down the fort on the Penobscot. Here, she is holding back the pups as we load our luggage. I’m sure they will all have a grand time.


Lou was in charge of planning this trip to Alaska.  Joining us are Kathy & Steve, and family from California – Beth, Catherine, Mark, Olivia, and Tory.  Two weeks on a small boat!  Limited Wi-Fi and no cell phone service!  Will this be the vacation of a lifetime, or a recipe for disaster?

Click HERE to see if everyone arrives in Sitka on time.

Vacation Time!!!

Not for us, quite yet (although every day is a vacation). We leave for Alaska next week, can't wait.

The Holmes family is warming up for the Alaska trip with some time at the beach in Hawaii. Here's a cute photo of the girls (I stole it off Catherine's facebook):



A Quick Look Outside

Driving back from town today, I was struck by just how green everything is:


And then, I took a couple snapshots coming into the driveway. I was waiting to reveal the “train” room addition until it was done – but that might be in 2018, so here is a quick look:

We've had crazy wind and rain during the night, then it clears up in the daytime.

And, adding this last photo to show what the furry half of the family is doing:


A Grilled Cheese Kinda Day

Lots of rain and fog today. Lou cooked grilled cheese for dinner – yum. And that, folks, is our excitement for now:


In other news, Natasha went to the vet today to get her feet checked – she keeps chewing on them. So she has some special shampoo and pills. While there, a lady asked if she was at the groomer last week, and if there was a second cocker. When I said yes, she said “I thought so – the other one was sound asleep on the grooming table when I came in with my dog…” Stitch is famous.


Awesome Possum

Nothing to do with Possum, but we had a faaabbbuuulous birthday dinner, thanks to Kathy and Steve. They treated us to dinner at the Hartstone Inn in Camden – one of our favorites. I've been trying to be less annoying with food photos, but I thought Beth especially would enjoy these. We had a wonderful meal at Hartstone on her last night here in November 2015.


I didn't capture all the courses, but I think you will agree – it was faaaaaaabbbbbuuuuuulous. These are some iPhone snaps:

Kathy and I had the Chef's selection, which included a lobster spring roll (delicious), a small salad, blueberry sorbet to cleanse the pallet, and a wonderful grilled Halibut. We finished with a yummy chocolate soufflé (did I mention I'm going to make one of these someday?)

Lou had rare seared tuna, Steve had (I think) some type of steak and chowder before hand. Oh yes, Lou had the seafood sampler as a starter.

It was good, very good. Thanks, K&S, for the special treat.