Month: May 2016

Happy Birthdays

Just want to send a big thank you to folks for remembering our Birthdays once again. Thank you for the calls, emails, gifts and cards. We appreciate it. I know Lou's Birthday isn't until tomorrow, but wanted to share a photo of the basket we received from Chrisie, Yan, and Louie:

(Lou took this photo – you can tell because only he is tall enough to look straight down on the basket when it is sitting on the counter)


We continue celebrating – Kathy and Steve are taking us out to dinner in Camden tonight


Social Life is Picking Up

Kathy and Stever are visiting for a few days and getting us out and about. Last night, we had dinner at Nautilus in Belfast – the sunset and dessert were highlights:

Today, Kathy, Steve and I played 18 holes of golf! I survived, so that was a miracle:

Tonight, Kathy and Steve are cooking dinner. Now that's the kind of house guests to get!


Greetings from Maine

I know I've been a slacker at blogging, but just wanted to say hi. We are really enjoying May in Maine. Supposed to get a lot of rain, but it's been amazing these past two days.

We've joined the local golf club and I hope to get out regularly. Lou will come along occasionally for moral support.

We've had a chance to visit with our neighbors and everyone is well. Our social life always picks up when we come North. Caroline and Ed invited us to dinner, and we all agreed Politics was off the table as a discussion topic, but we kept going back there. Here is the consensus view:

Kathy and Steve have arrived in Maine as well and we will see them in a couple of weeks.

The dogs had their first visit with their groomers here, and got tons of hugs and kisses. They are more popular than we are. Here they are – Natasha actually spooned up next to Stitch:

I think this brings you up to date. Lou's train room is not quite finished, so no photos yet.