Month: April 2016

Successful Roadtrip

We arrived in Northport this afternoon. After leaving Palm Beach Gardens on Saturday. We had a pleasant visit with Kathy and Steve in Neptune Beach, the headed to North Carolina on Sunday.

We had three days of great weather. Monday night we pulled into a repeat Best Western in Connecticut, and started to notice a chill in the air.

Stitch was exerting some independence this trip, choosing his own seating / sleeping arrangements whenever he could:

We left Connecticut by 7:30AM and, as we arrived in New Hampshire, it started to sleet / snow. By the time we crossed the Maine Border, it was snowing and starting to stick to the ground:

It kept coming down, slowing traffic as the slush built up on the roads

By the time we reached Northport, it was snowing lightly but not sticking on the ground. A quick stop at our local grocery store for baloney sandwich makings – Natasha waits for Lou's return:

Much to Natasha's relief, Lou returned and we made it safely home. The weather cleared and we had some early evening sunshine:

It feels good to know we don't have to get back in the car tomorrow!


A Reenactment ,,,

Most of you probably think of Civil War Battles when you hear the term “reenactment.” This one describes a battle of another kind.

Setting the Stage:

Those of you who have been to the house will recognize the bar at the back of the family room.

Lou was eating a large half of a sub sandwich. This was an Italian Special with Boar's Head Italian meats and cheese. He had to check something in the garage, so left his sandwich on TOP of the bar counter.

A few minutes later, I get a frantic call – with a huge note of incredulity in his voice – from Lou, “You have to come see this NOW.”

I rushed down the stairs, only to find Lou staring blankly at what was his sandwich – there was one tomato slice, a bit of lettuce and some onion on the bar counter top.

He had returned to find Stitch – yes, chubby Stitch – ON TOP of the bar counter. Extremely proud of himself. Stitch had managed to jump up on the counter and consume a sub sandwich. He was obviously expecting high praise. Needless to say, he is in the proverbial “doghouse.”

(The above photo is the reenactment part, since we weren't quick enough to get a photo).

The only thing we can figure is, he managed to hop on top of the bar stool with no back, then up onto the countertop. How he made the leap to the stool, we have no idea. Let alone how he managed to stay on top of it. Plus, how did he figure all this out??? Natasha is twice as nimble as Stitch, and we always thought she was twice as smart -'maybe she told him what to do?

In other news, I am working on several posts from Easter Vacation – to come soon..