Month: March 2016

The Easter Bunny Arrived Early!

Grandma arrived safely … But she's not the Easter Bunny! We received a special package from Beth & Todd & the pups – extra special yummy. Delicious cookies with a fun cookie jar:

The California Contingent has made it to Dallas, and are hopefully on a flight to West Palm Beach.

And, as I was preparing this post, Beth sent a photo of the cute Easter Dessert she made to take to her Mom's. Beth is so crafty !!!


Thank you for thinking of us, Beth and Todd. Have a a Happy Easter!

We are in Hail Today

Heck of a thunderstorm with full on Hail. We are preparing for the family’s  arrival tomorrow, and hoping all goes well with travel.

Last night, I stayed downstairs (catching up on Grey’s Anatomy episodes). Stitch was not happy! He wants everyone in bed at the same time:

He is a character. Natasha, of course, was sound asleep, enjoying my space in the bed.


Just sharing

Someone posted this on Facebook. We thought it was funny – if you know Lou, you can imagine his love affair with Autocorrect.


In other news, we get to see the Holmes family and Grandma this weekend!!! Looking forward to the house being full of family.


Getting Better

Lou continues to improve, and I am no longer cooking, so good news on both fronts.

Chrisie is still in the hospital, but getting stronger every day. She sent a photo taken by Yan – showing Louie working on 4 puzzles at once. He has already mastered 3. Chrisie said he'd better slow down, since he only has 5 puzzles.