Month: December 2015

And, The Winner Is …

Lou's Turkey Soup. Best batch ever!!! Sorry to those who missed it :). I do have a few more Christmas pics, but let's focus on the delicious soup:


Getting it started this morning after a run to BB&B to get a soup pot for the new induction range:


Little Sous-Chefs in the kitchen:


And, the finished product – absolutely delicious!!!


Last night's dinner was very good too, in spite of my eclectic table setting:


Merry Christmas

A photo documentary .. Christmas dinner being prepared:

Yum … Just a few hours to wait …

And, a nice bunch of gifts, too. Not bad for two old folks – plus we already had a nice batch of surprises in Maine!


Merry Christmas, everyone.


Merry Christmas Eve

A very very quiet house on Cayman Place

Nothing is stirring, not even a mouse

Papa Lou is preparing the feast

Cause tomorrow is Christmas at our house …


We are enjoying another quiet day, seems odd not to have a house full of company. But we will be seeing family in the spring and summer, and can't wait.

We did get the tree up and decorated. I skipped the second tree upstairs, but we have a nice one sent by Beth and Todd to take its place.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!


Lou is Good

Lou continues his spectacular recovery. He has been out and about today, and isn't taking any pain pills.

I, on the other hand, continue to fail at the domestic side of life. In charge of dinner tonight, I placed the delivery order for Pizza. They said 95 minutes for delivery ??!!??? Fail!!! So, Lou is doing grilled cheese sandwiches πŸ™‚

In other fun news, we discovered the kitchen sink was leaking. And then there is the air conditioning – another of the units has to be replaced. Thank goodness it is not July (although it is still warm). Florida does not like us anymore!!!

On a happier note, received a nice note from Hannah, Natasha's sister (okay, it was from Sally, but I still smile that the Princess gets emails). I'll share Hannah's photo – she is a beautiful cocker:

Hannah obviously shares Natasha's love of tennis balls:



In Case You Are Wondering, I’m Fine …

Oh, and Lou is doing well after his surgery this morning as well.

We left the house early to get him to the Surgery Center (que up Robin Cook Coma music here) for his 7:15am check in.

Waiting …

This one is for Beth … No socks …


That –it's early in the morning, I am retired, and I have no idea what the date is- look as he starts to fill out the admitting forms.


I went home to keep,the dogs company, who were not at all happy to have their favorite caregiver missing. Got the call a little after 10am to go pick up the patient.

Uh Oh – he's not looking happy:

Oops, the nurse walked in and he smiled:

After getting dressed, we walked out and made it home. Lou said it wasn't too painful – he's just using Advil or Tylenol for pain. He took it easy this afternoon and is currently making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Whew!!! This early morning and surgery stuff is sure hard work. I had to take a long nap this afternoon πŸ™‚

Just added – tandem observers:



Nothing Much New

All is well in Florida. Lou had a whirlwind of doctor's appointments last week and is scheduled to have his carpal tunnel surgery on Tuesday morning! Hopefully the left will go as well as the right and he will be back to cooking in no time πŸ™‚

I saw this when I came down the stairs this morning – we have new chairs – I thought the other recliner was mine. Guess I was wrong:

Note – Stitch has been appearing in more photos, but rest assured Princess Natasha continues to rule the roost. She amuses us every day, especially when she marches over and opens up the door to the patio at will …