Month: October 2015

Lou Soars with the Eagles

Lou is sharing some of his eagle photos from our time in Alaska.  These are from the Silver Salmon Creek area.  Look closely – one of them is hiding!








The rest of this report will be posted soon … she said, on 10/20/2019

HERE we go again! Click to get back into the action with our first visit to Lake Clark NP and the Alaska Homestead Lodge. WE are picking up on our 3rd day.

More Fall from the Fauls

Kathy sent these photos from their drives this past week. The first three are from a short trip to Acadia A fall is almost here, not quite! The last three from a trip to Bangor, showing the bright red blueberry fields:


Thanks for sharing, Kathy. Looking forward to seeing you and Steve tomorrow.


A Pie Party and a Potluck

First – the potluck. I didn't take any photos but we had about 30 people here Saturday for the Monthly Community Potluck. Lou and Donna (our neighbor) were the hosts. It went really well.

Earlier in the week, Lou and Donna (hummnn , should I be concerned 🙂 ) spent the morning making apple pies and stuff. My job was entertaining the dogs – although they still sneaked in to find out what was going on:


And that was our exciting week! Should have more Alaska tomorrow.


Fall in Boston

Our friend Laurie lives in a high rise apartment in Boston, and has been documenting the fall colors as they arrive. I know folks from the West Coast like to see how the leaves change, so Laurie was kind enough to share her photos for today's Guest Blog. There are a couple of other cool photos as well.

Thanks, Laurie! Now I just need to get Kathy's permission to share some of her photos, too 🙂


A Faul Visit in the Fall…

On a roll here … catching up on photos and such.  We visited Kathy & Steve last weekend, just to catch up and to see what the Fall Colors looked like in the North.  After dropping the pups at the Country Club, we had about a 2.5 hour drive – and it rained all the way.  There was some color, but it was tinted heavily with gray.

Upon arrival at the Faul Cottage (in the Fall), we were greeted by Kathy, Steve and their dog Avery.  They don’t have a dog, but Avery – a very large black lab – doesn’t know that.

This is Avery - photo taken several years ago when Natasha was just a pup.

This is Avery – photo taken several years ago when Natasha was just a pup.

Kathy cooked a truly marvelous meal (the first of several), and we all stuffed ourselves.  The first night was Meatloaf – my favorite – with scalloped potatoes from scratch – and carrots (lots of carrots, carrots every meal).  The second night, Steve grilled a flank steak Kathy had marinated – excellent.  And carrots, more carrots.  And yummy potatoes.  We also stopped in at Helen’s Restaurant in Machias for a great lunch.


On Saturday, we headed out for adventures, looking for fall color and anything else we could find.  We saw a couple deer by the road:

K&SOct15-3 K&SOct15-4

And some color – there was a lot of red and orange starting to come out:

K&SOct15-5 K&SOct15-8

A stop at just one of the local cemeteries:

K&SOct15-6 K&SOct15-7

On our way home the next morning, we saw more color, but it was still early in the season. Hoping the weather holds and the leaves don’t all blow away before full blown fall colors arrive:


And, my favorite house is still standing – the House that Will Not Die …


Stay tuned for more Alaska.

Silver Salmon Creek – Day2 Part4 – Bears (Again) & Food

Note – If you are just opening the blog to this page, you may want to skim back about 3 posts to catch the starting post about Puffins …

It really was getting late now, and we had to get back for dinner.  Here are a couple of shots to show we usually weren’t as close to the bears as it might look in the photos:

Bears-18 Bears-19


But then, one might walk right up to us as it passed by … this was a little one … not quite so threatening, as long as Mom stays happy:



And, a few more family shots before we finally did head back for dinner:

Bears-15 Bears-16 Bears-17


Now – dinner!  Fortunately, we were not in the dog house when we returned, because Chris (our guide) had let the Lodge know we were running late – the nice thing about being the only group there!

Dinner was a simple pork roast, but nicely prepared and served with a wonderful salad and homemade dinner rolls.  Boy, was Michael a great chef!  This was topped off with a freshly made carrot cake … oh man, what a way to end a perfect day!

dinner-20 dinner-21 dinner-22 dinner-23


And, this ends Day 2 at Silver Salmon Creek … don’t worry, not every day in the report will be quite as packed.

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