Month: July 2015

Louie is Growing Up

Little Louie, that is. He has started a new pre-pre-kindergarten school and had to have his picture taken. You can see he is very serious about this new development:


Coming up – a report on my visit to California, and highlights from Olivia's visit to Maine!


Bulldog Love

We will have some updates on Olivia's visit to Maine, but first – Beth sent us some more photos of their new family members – Freddie and Georgia:


We've obviously relaxed the no dogs on the furniture rule. Knew that was coming! This is Georgia…quite relaxed:

Freddie the Teddy:

Georgia got trapped on the wrong side of the Freddie Xing.

Having seen Freddie and Georgia in action, I can tell you they are quite a duo 🙂


Odds and More …

Here we have catch up post No. 2. We'll start with Beth and Todd. They have adopted not one, but two lovely Bulldogs. Meet Freddie and Georgia:

Lucky dogs!!!

After Bruce and Carol left, we hung out for a few days, and Kathy and Steve came by for the weekend. It was good to see them, and of course the pups were overjoyed:

I should have some landscape photos from Lou to insert here, but he is still collecting them – soon, hopefully.

I left on Sunday to go to California – we will have more about that adventure in the next update 🙂


Bruce & Carol

(Note – this is just one of several “catch up posts” to be added in the next day or two:))

I wanted to include some more photos from our time with Bruce (also known as Thommo) and the lovely Carol (another of Natasha's now favorite Aunties).

They arrived on July 4th and Lou cooked for all of us. On the next day, we went into Camden for some shopping and lunch. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day! We had lunch at the Waterfront, where clam chowder and lobster rolls hit the spot.

That evening, we went to the Youngtown Inn where we had a fine meal in great company, and a nice country setting. We topped off the evening with soufflés:


Lou planned the agenda for Sunday. We drove over to see Fort Knox and the Bridge, then stopped by Stockton Springs at Fort Point to see the lighthouse and foghorn( it is exciting here):

My, what a Big Cannon!

The dogs went along for the day and thought it was special. They even behaved.


We weren't done – Lou hosted a small cocktail party for the neighbors. After that, we visited and crashed. We were sorry to see Bruce and Carol leave the next morning, but very happy to have them visit..