Month: June 2015

Everything is Good

Gosh, I know I missed a few days of updating. We have just been enjoying the heck out of being here in Maine. The dogs are having fun too. We had rain yesterday, but generally the weather has been great.

Emily is in her way over for dinner, and we are looking forward to giving her a hug and catching up. So are the pups – they are going to be insanely excited, since they find us boring.

Lou is supposed to give me some photos of the landscaping – he has a new camera he is working with, so hold on for that.

In other news, our friends Bruce and Carol are coming for a couple of days on the 4th. They are visiting from Australia and are the nicest people you could ever meet (well Carol is 🙂 ). We will probably bore them with our laid back lifestyle.

A few snaps of the dogs enjoying life:


Comments on the Comments

Thanks for tracking us. We are soooo glad to be landed in Northport. Thanks to Lou's steady driving and my continuous napping, we had a problem free trip. I'd say traffic was the only issue yesterday and this morning.

Beth – you nailed it. Natasha much prefers to sit on my lap, so having doofus along cramps her style. I do let her up front once in awhile because she is the princess. This afternoon, Stitch said, “Enough!” And literally barreled his way up. They do entertain us.

Lou said his elbow is a little sore, so hoping it heals up okay. I think the Maine air will be good for it.

When the weather clears, I will share some photos of the yard – Lou's landscaping is in bloom.

And, a big thanks to Kathy and Steve for helping us out earlier this month by taking care of some stuff.

Happy & Grumpy – Updated

On the road for the final leg before 7 am. Lots of traffic yesterday through New Jersey and Delaware. We will watch the weather today. Sunny and clear so far.

Spent the night in Connecticut with pizza for dinner.

Stitch wakes us up, “Hey there, let's get moving!”


The dynamic duo is ready to roll:


Made it to New Hampshire – important stop for tax free liquor. No rain yet but clouds are coming …


Had some rain as we came into Maine, then it was off an on until we made it home at 2:30.

Folks lined up at Red's for lobster rolls in the rain:

Really raining as we came into Camden:

And, light showers as we pull into the driveway to Paradise on the Penobscot …



Road Tripping – Day 3

imageWe are starting Day 3 of travel. Another long day on I95. Enjoyed the lovely Best Western in Emporia, VA last night. Dinner from Quizno’s at the gas station next door. We are living high!

The dogs are enjoying the trip. Stitch has calmed some, but still thinks he is the lead navigator.


Road Trip is On

We left PBG yesterday afternoon, making our way to North Florida. It was an uneventful trip, although Stitch was determined he should ride in the front seat (he was not successful). Aiming to arrive in Northport on Tuesday. (Kathy – it wasn’t raining as we passed through Jax)

Our last view of the homestead as we pulled out of the driveway … Let’s hope the water heaters and other appliances survive our absence. This past winter in Florida was not the most restful!

Lou is recovering nicely from his carpal tunnel surgery. He’s got a large scar on his elbow, and I think that is sore still, but his hand seems to be better.

We also want to send condolences to Beth and Todd. They lost their dog, Jack, yesterday. He was a good boy, and lived the easy life these past few years after being rescued by Beth and Todd.

RIP Tiny …

I believe many of our faithful readers know my brother passed away last weekend. Thomas Michael McDonald, known as Tiny here on the blog, was 66 years old. He lived in Springville, California. Retired from the U.S. post Office, Tommy was a Vietnam Vet, and a graduate of Porterville High and Springville Elementary Schools. That's the official stuff.

Tommy was one of a kind, always analytical and willing to argue his point for hours (even if he was just yanking your chain). Like Buster, our Dad, he had a dry wit and could see humor in most every situation. For a self-professed hermit, he sure had a lot of friends.

He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma several years ago, possibly a leftover effect of exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He was pragmatic about the situation, saying at least the Army was going to pay him some dollars – more than most people with cancer get. As the cancer progressed these past few months, he told us he was okay with everything. He felt he'd lived a full life. One of his biggest concerns was Chipper, his cat. Fortunately, Sister Sammy and Jack are going to take care of Chipper.

Tommy requested no funeral services and no fuss when his time came. We will remember him fondly, and I like to think he's checking up on Mom and Dad.


This photo is from his James Dean phase … I hope to share some more retrospective photos later – right now we are packing up to leave for Maine tomorrow.


October 8, 1948 - June 14, 2015