Month: April 2015

Update from Maine

We wanted to let our blog readers know – our friend Ben passed away this past weekend. We send our warmest thoughts and prayers to Emily, and to their families and friends. Ben had so many friends – as Kathy said to me – he never met a stranger. We feel fortunate to have shared many good times with Ben and Emily, and he will always be in our hearts. We intend to see Emily this summer, and give her some puppy time as well.

Farewell, Ben. You made a difference. We will miss you.


Hollywood & Vine

It’s Disney Junior Day at Hollywood Studios.  The Hollywood & Vine restaurant serves up a breakfast buffet, along with visits from Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, and Jake the Pirate (note – if you are older than 30, you may not recognize these characters if you don’t have little ones at home).

We hopped on the boat to the Studios and got checked in to the restaurant. Here is our group, waiting patiently for our buzzer to go off.  It started sprinkling as we waited:






We were soon called into the restaurant.  Once again, the first character of the day surprised us, and Louie was a little startled (as were we all).  It was Sophia the First (and no, I have no idea why this is her name):



Just like yesterday, Louie was much happier waving and clapping for Sophia once she left the table:



Next up was Doc McStuffins – Louie was ready for her, as he had a chance to watch her with the other kids:




Now we were through with the girls, and Louie started to get much more excited.  He spotted Handy Manny across the room, and could hardly wait to see him. Louie is familiar with these characters, since they are on TV at home.


His interaction with Handy Manny was pretty cute:

Handy Manny-1



And then, another of Louie’s favorites – Jake the Pirate:






Somehow, we managed to fit a little breakfast into all this activity:



After breakfast, we sent the kids off on their own to adventure.  Lou and I rode Star Tours and saw the Beauty & The Beast Stage Show before heading back to the Villa.  England is on the agenda for this evening.

Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom.  We saw Mickey Mouse, and then had lunch with Winnie the Pooh.  Louie was not crazy about seeing Mickey, and he had interesting reactions to the characters at lunch.

Here he is, watching carefully as the characters begin to wander around the room:

Crystal Palace-1


Piglet kind of surprised us all – he was just there, all of a sudden.  Louie was not happy about this:

Crystal Palace-2



He was more receptive when Eeyore came along, because he had a chance to watch the other kids greet him. He even blew him kisses:

Crystal Palace-4


Crystal Palace-5



He wasn’t too sure about Winnie the Pooh, but happily waved at him and blew kisses once he left the table:

Crystal Palace-6

Crystal Palace-8



And, Tigger was a little put out because Louie ignored him (until he left the table)

Crystal Palace-7


He did really well for his first time with furry characters.  He also enjoyed his lunch.  The funniest thing was a little boy across from us – he was older than Louie, but kept crying when the characters came – but his Dad would make him see them.  When Winnie the Pooh showed up, the little guy slipped out of his high chair and hid under the table 🙂

Tomorrow we go to Hollywood Studios, hoping to see Jake the Pirate and the Disney Junior Characters.




Princess Palooza

The trip is going well. No rain today – it was a little warm, but we stayed in for the afternoon (at least the smart ones did).

We had breakfast at the Castle in Norway where Louie met all the Princess girls. I only have one pic ready, but you can see he was quite the little flirt:


We enjoyed a delicious dinner in Japan. Once again, Louie slept through dinner – photos to come.


Road Trip

We headed out to Disney World this afternoon. Everyone was ready for a break. We had some rain on the way but it's not too bad now.

Oh No! We forgot the baby!!! Oops, he was there, he was just so quiet we forgot all about him.

All checked into our room at The Boardwalk, and Louie is exploring:

We will play it by ear as we see what is on the agenda for the rest of the day.