Month: March 2015

Almost Ready!

New water heaters installed downstairs and upstairs. The one upstairs was the same make and age as the one that exploded, so we also put a tankless/on demand unit up there.

Carpets are in the guest rooms, brown paper is off the floor, and most everything is painted.

Floors are back to normal – we tried to give the dogs to the construction guys, but no takers:

New carpet I n the bedroom, and Eric put everything back together again!

And, it even comes with a matching Pack & Play – wonder who that is for???


Clean Dogs

We are making progress on the house situation – baseboards back in place, work started on new water heater … So we should be ready to go by the first of the month.

The pups had a bath today, so took a few pics while they were clean:

Stitch, especially after a bath, is like having our own personal polar bear.

Natasha was soooo tired after her afternoon at the spa, she got to skip the afternoon walk:



Sorry for the lack of updates. Several folks have asked how we are doing wrt repairs. Everything is progressing. Picked out new carpet for the bedrooms, and they were here today to prepare for the drywall work. They are also supposed to be getting a new water tank or tankless unit here sometime.

We decided just to hang out here, which has helped since we've had numerous meetings and appointments to deal with. The dogs are going a little crazy with the constant doorbell ringing. Fortunately, they removed the noisy and HOT driers last Friday

Thanks for all the good wishes.

Photo shows paper taped down in preparation for the drywall repairs and new baseboards.


Floods, Locusts … What’s Next – A Zombie Apocalypse?

We are in dry out mode, but we've had some interesting visitors:

Plus, the high water (in the swamp) has brought out the alligators.


We are camping out in the upstairs. That will go on for a few more days. Thanks for the offers of housing and the thought to go to Disney. Lou did suggest that. But, it's not bad here right now. We will see what the repair process brings.

A few more photos of drying in action:


And, the fun continues!