Month: January 2015

School is Such Hard Work!

Stitch is all worn out from his Home Schooling lesson. He has been reacting to cars and other dogs, so he is getting some private tutoring. Today was his second lesson and he got an A. He is very food focused, so all goes well as long as I wear a pork chop or chicken around my neck on our walks. Lou has not yet bought into this training method.

Natasha has been left out, so she is not happy. She will be included next week.


No News

Is good news. We are just enjoying beautiful South Florida. We have sunshine today for the first time this week.

Yesterday was teeth cleaning day. I should have used my new “selfie stick” to make a movie. More about that later.





In case folks are checking the blog – I have not gone AWOL. Just taking a bit of a break. Still intend to get the cruise pics up. That involves plugging in the laptop, finding the cameras, downloading the pics, editing the pics, sorting the pics, putting them on the blog. Whew, I'm tired just from typing that.

We've both been fighting with the silly colds and flu going around, so feeling kind of lazy. Lou has been working on trains and I've been slaying dragons.

I ordered a Fitbit step tracker from Amazon – but it's broken, so have to send it back. “Sigh” – now I will have to be a couch potato for another few days. Wouldn't want to take any steps that aren't getting tracked …