Month: December 2014

Guest Blog by Little Louie

Coming to you from Indonesia, we have our tiniest family member reporting on how his day usually goes:

Breakfast time at 6 a.m. I am awake and mommy and daddy need to feed me! I usually eat cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich sometimes with prune oatmeal and juice. Here, I get my very own sandwich.


Sometimes I fall asleep in my highchair because I am so tired from playing all night so I need a nap.


I am building my own city in my bedroom. I am thinking of calling it Louisville. Wait…there is already a town named that. How about St. Louis? No?


Sometimes I go into the city with daddy after lunch, so I need to be fashionable. Here I am sporting my hat. Daddy said don't call it a bonnet, because bonnets are for girls, but that's what the hat says. hehehee.


I help daddy with the yard work too. I am to small to cut the grass, but I enjoy watering the grass and playing in the water too.


It's time for dinner and a bath and then to bed. I love my new teddy bear and mommy comes home around this time. We watch Different Strokes and Cosby together on tv then I fall asleep next to her.


Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping Louie with his Guest Blog!


The Race

The dogs enjoy their walks, but their favorite part is racing down the driveway to the house  when they are through.  The following photos capture the race:

They are finishing the process of sniffing every bush…

The Race-1


Lou lets them loose – Stitch has the blue leash and Natasha the red:

The Race-2


Stitch has a good lead:

The Race-3


Natasha is moving by the block, and gaining some ground (by getting some air):

The Race-4


It’s neck in neck – using some ear action to get extra speed:

The Race-5


Natasha for the win!  To be repeated tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day …

The Race-6