Month: December 2014

Road Trip Days 3 & 4

All is well.  We left Emporia, Virginia at 7am yesterday, and arrived at Kathy & Steve’s at 4pm.  We enjoyed a nice visit and dinner, and partied until 8pm.  We are exciting guests.  We are spending the day relaxing in Neptune Beach.  Lou is off herb shopping with Kathy, and I am napping with the dogs.  Expect to arrive back in Palm Beach Gardens tomorrow.

Road Trip – Day 2

(Photos added to Day 1)

We left on Sunday morning at 7:30, pulled into Emporia, Virginia at 4:30pm.  A fairly long travel day, but uneventful.  Both the weather and the dogs were on their best behavior. Had some Bojangles Chicken for dinner and went to sleep by 8pm at the Best Western.

Getting an early start this morning, as we have a 9+ hour trip to Kathy & Steve’s house in Neptune Beach.

The most exciting thing we saw – going from New York to New Jersey – $14 for the bridge toll!!!








Mostly, it looked like this all day:




And then, it looked like this:


Road Trip – Day 1

Just a brief update – we left Northport Saturday morning at 10:30am. This gave us time to make sure the house was ready for our absence, hit the dump, and collect the mail (which had been forwarded from Florida).

We had ok weather for the first hour, then it started to snow – not bad enough to impact the roads, but fun to walk the dogs. Then it cleared and we arrived in Fairfield Connecticut at 5:30pm. Good pizza and salad for dinner – Stitch and Natasha especially enjoyed sharing Lou’s antipasto salad. Everyone behaved except the neighbors – Lou had to yell at them at 3am to take their lover’s quarrel elsewhere.

Will try to upload a few pics when we land in Virginia this evening.

Pics Added.  First, leaving the Maine Compound:






More Snow



And, 5 minutes after the previous photo, it was sunny and clear:


Getting Ready

To head South on Saturday. We are finishing up the social rounds and getting the house ready for the winter. No snow so far, but we have had a couple of very cold days – and then it was 44 today, warmer than in Florida.

Look at Lou's red face, after taking the dogs out for their walk in 4 degree weather!


The dogs continue to play hard, and then sleep hard. In this photo, Stitch is trying very hard to stay wpawake, but he can't do it! I have some non-dog related photos to show – check back in the next few days.



Food for Thought

Really stretching for a title today. I just wanted to report in that all is well. We leave for Florida in a week or so. Weather was warm for a few days – cold again today. Don't know when the next snow storm will hit.

We survived Thanksgiving and the aftermath of leftovers – delicious. One of my favorites were the turkey enchiladas Lou made. They were soooo good!


For a change of pace, we had polish sausages last night. Not just any sausage, these are super special ones from Omaha Steaks. Thank you, Beth and Todd. I thought these were the best we've had in ages. We have found it so hard to find good sausages and hot dogs these days. People must be on health kicks, 'cause none of the stores we frequent carry a decent hot dog!


Enchiladas and polish sausage – that brings you up to date on our life. Lou did make a blueberry pie, and it was very good (the crust was not as good as our neighbor's – Donna – but she is the best baker we know).


A Little Help From My Friend

I have been enjoying lots of basement time as I play my latest video game – Dragon Age: Inquisition.  You don’t have to be a gamer to guess this is a game about dragons and warriors / mages / assassins and other exciting characters from the days of the Inquisition.

This is a role playing game, which means you are a character in the game, and you go through the story and various quests (e.g. Kill 10 Dragons, Save 5 Townspeople, Find Herbs for Potions – and so on).  Since computer games don’t come with manuals anymore, I use a strategy guide, primarily for the maps and locations of things like merchants (gotta buy the best armor and sword!).

You really don’t care about any of this, I know.  I’m just setting up the following photos.  Stitch decided to help me navigate the map – we all know that’s not my strong point:



I was having trouble in this particular section, so it was taking a long time to progress – I should have paid more attention to his directions: