Month: November 2014

It’s Turkey Time !!!

And, here are the promised photos of our beautiful turkey.  Such a quiet Thanksgiving, but a beautiful bird.  We missed Beth and Todd – darn snow!

First – a look at the beautiful arrangement from Catherine and family:




Now – the center piece – the reason for Thanksgiving Dinner – the TURKEY!!!








Now, that is a beautiful turkey.  We are still enjoying it, 3 days after Thanksgiving.

I wanted to get a photo of the two of us, so set the self timer on the camera:




Oops, that didn’t work – tried again and made it in time:



Birthday Party

Here are a few pics from the evening when Ben & Emily came over for Natasha’s Birthday Party (and to escape the power outage in Rockland).  Note – Natasha did not get any of our dinner – Lou was just getting her in the photos:

Natasha BDay-1


Natasha BDay-2


And, a couple from outside:

Natasha BDay-3


Natasha BDay-4

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope everyone had a great day (or is having one). We started today in the dark, since the power went out last night at 11pm and the generator wouldn't start. We had about 4 inches of snow overnight. BUT, we got lucky, and the power was back on before noon. So … The turkey is in the oven and we will have dinner as scheduled. It would have made a better story if we had to camp out in the snow. Nothing can beat the story of the half-cooked turkey dinner served at 9pm in Running Springs …

The snow is beautiful, but unfortunately, it meant Beth and Todd weren't able to join us as planned from California. We will hook up with them another time. And now – we have 19 lbs of turkey to eat between the two of us.

Will update more tomorrow on the actual feast (because, who doesn't want to see a photo of a turkey carcass?).

We are thinking of all our friends – near and far. This has been a less than perfect year for many of us, but still so much to be thankful for. And yes, I once again ended a sentence with a preposition. So much easier than saying, “We have so much for which we are thankful…”


Preppy Puppies

Today is our Anniversary – only 37 if you are counting. We set out to party all night (grab dinner at a local pub). Oops – they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, and we didn't want to drive all the way to Belfast, so we will celebrate with some delicious chile verde leftovers.

Lou ordered sweaters for the pups:


This, folks, is how you celebrate 37 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary, Dear! And, we got a nice card from Grandma today – how does she always know to get cards here on the right day?


Too Sexy For My Hair

Warning – a provocative photo coming. Close your eyes if you are under 60.

Happened to take a selfie while I was soaking in the tub today. Now, this isn't something I do regularly (although I understand it's one way to make a few bucks). I was just checking to see how much hair I have now – and folks have been inquiring.

Laughed myself silly – look at those waves! Of course, it goes all wild faux-hawk style when it drives (thank you, Apple Autocorrect, but I really DID mean to write “dries,” not “drives.” And, you should see the back end of the mullet growing down my neck.

Don't say I didn't warn you:




Pie Time

Natasha says thanks for the birthday greetings.

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, I am sharing this to help you prepare to eat pumpkin pie:


Thanks to Mij – I stole this from her Facebook post. (I could have made my own photos, but we don't have enough whipped cream on hand. The trick is to put the pie in a bowl, so you can completely surround it with whipped cream).

You may be able to tell, this is something I've put a lot of thought into. Believe it or not, Lou makes fun of me for eating my pie this way.