Month: October 2014

Party Time!

Hosting the neighborhood potluck tonight. All ready to go. No idea if we will have 6 or 20 people. At least it's not raining – it's actually 65 degrees.

Ready to go:


In case you are wondering, the dogs are at the kennel for the night 🙂


Fall in Acadia

Checking out the Fall Colors in Acadia National Park – it was a bit of a mixed bag.  There was some nice color, but also lots of fog.  We went to the top of Cadillac Mountain on Wednesday afternoon, and again Thursday morning – fogged out both times!

Here are some of the photos from the trip:

















We have a visitor. Mij arrived today to spend some time with us. We are going to Acadia tomorrow to see if they are faring any better with leaves. The dogs were beyond excited to see her, especially Natasha. If Mij, Kathy, and Emily are ever in the same room, I think Natasha would have a heart attack from excitement.

Work slowed down over the weekend on the remodels, so we had a quiet weekend. Of course, the lawn cutter decided to show up on Sunday morning :). Can’t win. Here’s a photo of the Master Bath as of this morning:

The first shows where the new tub is going:

This one just shows the new shower area and Lou’s vanity. We will be getting new sinks as well.

And, here are a couple of iPad photos out the bedroom window this morning:


Project Upgrade

The work on the master bath redo is going quickly so far. Yesterday was another jack hammering day, but they now have all of the old tile out. The gentlemen working on the remodel are the same ones who did much of the outside work with the stairs and windows in the sunroom, and they are very good. Although they were not having fun getting the old tile out!


New Project Begins

I mentioned before that we are redoing the upstairs bathrooms. The contractor began today at 7:30am. This was followed by hours of jack hammering as he tried to remove the old tile. Photos tomorrow.

Kathy and Steve left yesterday, and the dogs are missing them. They kept me company as I enjoyed a bath in the guest bathroom: