Month: June 2014

A Day at the Vet

Life continues here in Sunny Florida (where we are currently getting a terrific thunderstorm). All is going well on the post chemo recovery.

On Friday, we took the pups into see Dr. Prior. They have both had itchy, red ears and we wanted that checked out before we head up to Maine. Most likely due to allergies, wet grass, and the hot humid conditions here. They got some meds for their ears and a check up. Natasha's weight is hanging I'm at 23 lbs, and Stitch has gained a pound – now 34 lbs.

As always, Dr. Prior asked about Beth.

Some photos from the morning – Stitch goes first:


Then it was Natasha's turn. Natasha was more interested in hugs and kisses then ear swabbing.


We are headed across the street this evening for dinner with neighbors – hope it stops raining!


Backyard Bird Festival

For the last few days, we’ve had a ton of birds in the swamp. Finally felt up to taking some photos this morning. Here’s just a sampling:



















That was just one gator that was checking me out, as I sat on the edge of the bank … I decided to head back in the house as the gators go closer and larger.

Chemo Finale!!!

Today's event started like all the rest – arrived at the strip mall for the 10:30am appointment. It was another perfect Florida day.

I was sporting my purple buff:

We saw the doctor, and in between her taking phone calls, we asked a few questions and will leave for Maine in less than two weeks. I don't appreciate the doctor taking calls when you are consulting, but at least I won't hesitate to call if I have any questions later … (Which I inferred, but was no doubt too subtle).

Over to the chemo suite, where my private room was booked. It wasn't too crowded in the main room, and I watched the US vs Germany World Cup match with the guys. I didn't pick the chair with the Palm Tree:

My Chemo Sentry stood guard while the Nurse got my IV in and began today's infusions. I will say the Nurses here have been excellent, and made the process go by quickly and painlessly.

Lou took off to check on the dogs, I ate a sandwich and an orange ( see, you're getting all the details), watched soccer and read a while. I also took a few pics to commemorate the occasion:

Not the best pic, I was definitely tired, not having slept much the night before because of the steroids.

I then modeled another of the wigs sent by the girls. This is the Deana Troi version – I, however, rocked it as a Big Hair, Bad A$$ country singer … I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden

And, that completed the day at the infusion center. Took a nap when we got home. So far, feeling fine. Hoping side effects are no worse this time, so we can pack up and hit the road!!!

Thanks for all the support and cheer leading. I do have a few more wig photos to share in the coming days.

And, I will add, my little Alien self is still going through this with me, sucking up all the bad stuff so I can feel good:


A Nice Visit

We had an extra special visitor yesterday. Rita, a great friend from our days with Rinker, came by to check out how we were doing. We had a good visit – she was a little shocked at the extensive train room, since she hadn't seen that addition before.

Natasha was mesmerized by Rita. She wouldn't leave her alone. I guess the dog is bored with just having us old folks around.


In preparation for tomorrow's chemo session, I started the pre-treatment pills:


I'll check in tomorrow, and let y'all know how the day goes.



Rather than respond to individual comments, I'll take a moment to do it here.

From Baldie – thanks so much for all the nice comments 🙂 I always wanted to be a dimpled pumpkin!

About Moose Hunting – seeing a moose really isn't that big of a deal, it just seems we don't have much luck. We went all the way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and saw ONE moose. And that was an old one just lying down all day:


We had a little more luck in Alaska, getting three glimpses of moose while traveling around the state:


We will continue looking for the illusive Bullwinkle …