Month: May 2014

Still nothing new to report

We continue our exciting daily routine. Boring is not all bad, but I think we are both ready to get a move on and head north to Maine.

We heard from friends in Maine that the black flies are bad this season. Probably better than all the gators we have in the back right now.

Gators added 6/2:

This is one of the little guys in the swamp – there are quite a few of these swimming around out there.  You can see he’s not too big when compared to the duck merrily floating near him:







This one is a really big old guy.  He was shy – every time I tried to step up on the hill to get his photo, he would dive under the water.  Lou saw him later lounging in the sun on dry land – on our side of the water!!!







Some of you may recall this photo from back in 2012 – this is one of the bigger fellows we had hanging around out back.  He was probably at least 10 ft. long.  I think they actually came and trapped him to take him somewhere else.

large gator


Happy Birthday, Lou

Lou is delighted to be celebrating yet another birthday. He was disappointed I didn't make him a birthday soufflé, but there's always next year.

We are coming into the warm Florida weather. Hard to believe, a year ago we were cruising through Alaska during our birthday week.


Missing in Action

All is well. Missed a couple of days posting, since I think I've been asleep since Friday. Lou continues to entertain himself playing with his trains, and taking care of the dogs.

Hoping life starts to get more interesting as the week goes on …




Spa Day

It was quite warm today. We decided to go in the spa this afternoon – it was refreshing. We had company, as we lounged in the pool:


Since they just had a bath and haircut today, I had to keep moving Stitch when he would fall asleep and put his paws in the pool water … These pups live a tough life.



For all the Birthday Wishes. Had a good day, and went out to dinner with friends at the local Thai restaurant.

Steve and Kathy left yesterday, and will soon be on their way to Maine.

Not much other news to share, so I will post some of our dinner photos 🙂





The pups are happy

Kathy & Steve are here for a few days, so Natasha and Stitch have lots of attention – which they love.

We had salad and pizza for dinner – Papa Louie's homemade pizza.


Other than that, everything is fine. I think this picture might best describe how I'm feeling today: