Month: April 2014

More About …

Me. Today's topic is Hair. In case you didn't know, I will be losing my hair in the next week or two. I'm not too concerned about it. I know that Lou and the pups will love me anyway. They have been supportive all along, so I don't expect that to change just because I am bald.

It's common for women going through this to be proactive and cut their hair before it starts falling out. It's called “taking control” of the situation. I don't know about the psychological aspect, I just know I'd like to minimize the mess.

Woke up feeling very good today, so decided to head to the salon. I walked into Great Clips (like a Super Cuts) and proceeded to get snipped and clipped.



I really wanted more of a punk rock chick look, but the nice lady cutting my hair thought we should not be too shocking.


Lou (my supportive husband) said I looked like a bobblehead (I have to agree, but it's only for a week). The dogs just wondered if I brought them a cookie.

I haven't checked, but I am guessing I have now included more photos of me in this post then you have seen in the last year. I still prefer my alien alter ego:



Vacation Time

First, a brief update. Forgot to update yesterday, as nothing really eventful took place – which is a good thing. My only noticeable side effect was annoying heartburn / reflux. This is apparently not all that uncommon, but is not something they mentioned. A quick call in to the nurses and Lou picked up some Prilosec for me and it worked like a charm. Thanks again for all the good wishes. Just 3 more trips to go.

As for the title of this post – no, we aren’t ready for vacation. This is a short video from Catherine with highlights from their recent vacation to Sea Ranch in Northern California, This also coincided with Olivia’s 14th Birthday!!! Lou and I enjoyed a week with the kids at Sea Ranch in late 2012, and it is a special place.


Here is the link to the video, in case it doesn’t play for you from the blog. I’m also trying to upload some of the videos Chrisie and Yan have sent of Little Louie.


Cheemo Schmeemo

This will not be a very creative update. Just straight reporting to let everyone know we are alive and well. I survived today's session with Lou's encouraging words (I'll let you imagine).

First, we arrived at the local Chemo Strip Mall just after noon.


Then, had to check in with the doctor. The waiting room was packed. There were three doctors in today, and one is apparently notorious for running late. We waited about 30 minutes. Then, it was on to Chemo next door. Lou looks happy, knowing he can leave at any time.


It took 2 tries to get the IV in, but then it was fine. First, they feed saline solution to hydrate you. Add some more decadron steroid and aloxi ( another anti-nausea med – makes you think that's something to be worried about). Then the First Poison they feed to protect you – Taxotere. This takes an hour and they watch for allergic reactions. I was FINE. Lou left when this started to check on the pups.


The second poison – Cytoxan (I use “poison” tongue-in-cheek” – I'll discuss the medicines in a future post). It took another hour, and the I was done. Lou was back, and we left before 5 pm. I feel okay – a little headache but that's it. Now, it's just a matter of making it through the next week or two. They said I should feel good the third week, then we start all over!

One Down, Three more to go.


Chemo City – Here we Come, Ready or Not

Tomorrow is the day we (OK, me) have been waiting for. My first chemo session is scheduled for the afternoon. Notice, I said it is scheduled, I still have time to decide to do something else instead. I guess you will have to check in tomorrow to see if it happened.

I had to go do some shopping in Preparation (that word is key) for possible side effects from the drugs that will soon be speeding through my system. Everyone reacts differently, so you really don't know how mild or difficult it might be. This is reassuring.

It actually started this morning, when I had to break into the first official Chemo Pill Stash – they give you (well, me, in this case – once again) a steroid to take the day before, the day of, and the day after. This is one of several meds to help with allergic reactions, nausea, and more. I'm hoping this is not one of the side effects of this particular steroid:


I imagine you are wishing you wouldn't have opened the blog today, aren't you? I know, muscle girl was a cheap shot …

All kidding aside, there were important supplies to be purchased

Oops, maybe too much information, but some people like to have the details. Even more critical than above was making sure I was well stocked with after-chemo food:

Hey – they had lots of 2 for 1 sales in the cookie aisle? And, they say to eat a bland diet for a few days.

So, I'm set for tomorrow. I even went to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned. I must be serious about this, if I voluntarily moved up my dental appointment!