Month: March 2014

Papa Louie’s

Our go to Pizza Delivery used to be Papa John's. We got tired of the boring flavors. We have another local delivery that isn't too bad. But, Lou has developed an interest in putting together his own pizza, and I am pleased to present “Papa Louie's Supreme:”


Stitch and Tasha are hoping, hoping, hoping …


Grandma noted the pups might just be staying close out of concern, or some doggie intuition. I wish I could believe that. However, I know that Stitch was just looking for cookies, and Natasha was hoping to find a tennis ball :). I will say, they did seem to know to be gentle with Lou when he came home from the hospital after surgery.


Always There

Sometimes you would like a moment alone – I think everyone feels this way once in awhile – especially when you are looking forward to a nice warm soak in the tub.

Before I even knew what happened, I turned my head and saw this:

I could handle sharing space with one dog, and at least it was the girl!


Of course, it wasn't long before Stitch had to check things out:

Oh Well, there wasn't much I could do at this point. Now I remember why I usually close the bedroom door before sneaking in to take a bath.


Just Want to say Thanks

Thanks for the comments on the recent posts. As for the Disney pics – they were taken starting at 6am. As for Little Louie – he IS the cutest baby ever!

I wanted to thank everyone for your supportive emails and calls. The virtual hugs have been much appreciated. As when Lou was going through his fun times last fall, the support of our family and friends means the world to us.

I don't plan to turn this into a full time “Cancer Blog,” but I will provide some updates as we go along. I will try not to get into any great detail, just want to let folks know what is happening.

Today, we had a good meeting with the radiology oncologist. He is an Australian and heads up Florida's Aussie Rules Football, so we feel he must be a good doctor. Good news is that I am a good candidate for accelerated Radiation Treatment – just one week instead of 6 weeks. Then I will have 4 Chemo Treatments. So, at this point the plans are pretty well mapped out.

Lou went with me this morning to see the radiologist – it's helpful to have company when you are trying to absorb lots of info, and it's nice to have Dr. Epcot at my side:


Lots of folks are asking me if I am nervous or anxious, thinking I am trying to fake being calm. Seriously, there isn't much anxiety now that we know what the plan is. Here's a selfie I took this morning to show how calm I am:





It probably didn't help having these signs in front of all of the parking spots at the clinic this morning:

(You can't make this stuff up …)


A Smile …

It’s easy to smile when there’s a pup cuddling close to you (until the circulation gets cut off in your legs and you have to kick him off the bed).  But, it’s impossible not to smile when you see the cutest Little Louie ever:

20140323_065311 20140326_062816 20140326_062832 IMG-20140325-WA0000


Thanks, Chrisie and Yan, for the cute photos.  Give Louie a hug and a kiss for us.

On the medical front – it never ends – it was time for another Doctor visit yesterday.  Natasha had her Annual Exam.  We are happy to report, Dr. Prior pronounced Natasha fit and cute as ever (she did have a fresh haircut).  She is suffering from itchy butt, a syndrome which plagues her after every grooming session – brought on by the hairless nightmare last summer in Maine.  Dr. Prior says she is just a very sensitive little Princess, and she gave her some medicine to help keep her comfortable.  $275 later, and we finished up her appointment.  At least she got a new tag out of it, certifying she is safe to roam the streets of Palm Beach County.

I meet with the oncology radiologist tomorrow to map out that part of my treatment.  I don’t know why the phrase “Fried Green Tomatoes” keeps running through my head …

More Disney Pics

Here are some early morning photos I took on our Feb trip to Disney. I like to go out early and take photos around the resort before everyone else wakes up. These were all taken around Crescent Lake, which is where the Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Boardwalk Resorts are located.