Month: January 2014

Natasha is Such A Happy Princess

Tried to get some photos of the dogs today.  Natasha didn’t want to cooperate.

You went on a cruise, and all I got was this crummy pirate scarf?

You went on a cruise, and all I got was this crummy pirate scarf?


What do ya mean, I'm gonna fall in?

What do ya mean, I’m gonna fall in?


You can see how close the water is to the top of the pool – we’ve had lots of rain.  This, of course, makes it fun to take the dogs out – they hate to get their dainty paws wet.

They had check-ups at the vet yesterday.  Dr. Prior says Stitch is not fat, he’s just a “Big Boy,” and Natasha is “Petite.”  He sure looks fat to me.*  He weighs 32 lbs now, and Natasha is hanging right around 21 lbs.

And, yes, Lou, I realize I probably look fat to Stitch too …

We Have Baby News!!!

Or, should I say, “we have family baby news.” Chrisie, our niece, and Yan are the proud parents of a baby boy. 20.4 inches long, and 8.1 lbs of chubbiness. We are expecting more photos, but here are a few early ones of little Louis John:

We wish we could see Chrisie, Yan, and little Louie. But, it’s a long flight to Indonesia, so it may be a little while. We send our love, and lots of happy thoughts as they settle into their new family routine with baby!


Guest Blog: Ben Survives 35 Degrees Below Zero!!!

We are fortunate to have our featured Guest Blog today – prepared by Ben.  Ben is fortunate he is not lying frozen in the deep woods of Northern Maine.


From Ben:

Mt. Kineo as seen from outside our cabin…this is what 35 degrees BELOW zero looks like. Mt. Kineo used to be a very famous resort area that the rich folk from Boston would come up to to summer. The resort has since burned down many years ago as most old New England resorts tend to do. Now there are about a dozen private homes there as well as a neat little golf course. Mt. Kineo is actually the worlds largest piece of flint and was used heavily by the Indians to trade for goods. Some cool information can be found here:


IMG_20140126_101611_529 (1)


Here’s a very common way of travel during ice fishing expeditions– the snowmobile which most of you in the south have probably never seen. This particular model is a top of the line Skidoo Expedition, costing about $14,000. I’ve never paid that much for a car. Up in Northern Maine snowmobiling is a major mode of transportation and there are thousands of miles of trails all throughout the state and up into Canada known as the ITS- International Trail System. Most of the ITS is groomed and is quite highway like.




Here’s some typical ice fishing gear, the pack baskets are filled with “Tip Ups” which are essentially fishing rods. When a fish takes the bait a red flag pops up indicating you may have something on the end. During this trip we had everything from Lake Trout and Salmon to a large stick. The ice was nearly 2′ thick, and a gasoline powered auger is used to drill a 10″ hole in the ice to stick the trap and bait into…then you wait, typically while drinking beer and complaining about home life.




… a “selfie” of me trying to keep warm in sub zero temps.

IMG_20140124_161322_802 (2)

Our trusty Cabin at the “Sun Down Cabins”  A very rustic place for 5 guys to get cozy. Our Cabin clearly had some miles on it but provided plenty of heat, a nice kitchen and even a small flat panel tv to keep up on the news. Unfortunately during our first night we quickly discovered the pipes had frozen and we couldn’t flush or use running water. This wasn’t an ideal situation for 5 guys who had just finished a nice pot of Chili and many beers. The owner of the cabins allowed us to use the bathroom of an unoccupied cabin about 150′ away…not ideal during sub zero conditions in the middle of the night, but we made the best of it until the pipes were thawed by a plumber the next day.




Another view of Mt. Kineo and the Spencer Mountains in the distance.




Thank you, Ben, for sharing your icy adventure with us. But, we noticed there were no photos of any fish ???

Nothing New Here

Everything is calm here. Got the Christmas Tree decorations off a week ago, then Jamie came to take the trees down and put them up in the attic for us. Lou has wised up that he doesn't need to be hauling heavy stuff up and down ladders. This may seem late to some, but there was one year when the tree stayed up until March …

We had a nice dinner out last night with our neighbors, Phil and Nancy – they sold their house across the street and are now living in a retirement community, but still in their own apartment.

Our house looks like a bunch of 5 year olds live here:

The dogs have a haircut scheduled for Wednesday, maybe I will see if she can do mine as well. Lou is back into his 3 times a week cardio rehab schedule and loving it *smile*

I'm getting ready to add some more Cruise pics now, so scroll back if you're interested.


Happy Birthday to Ben

Ben's birthday was actually Wednesday, but we get credit for recognizing it in the same week. Just got a note from Emily. She said it is 3 degrees in Northport. Ben is ice fishing in northern Maine and it is -25 degrees. Perhaps he will send us a photo when he returns

Meatball says Happy Birthday to Ben:

Still working on the last of the Cruise Photos.