Month: December 2013

Snow Dogs

I know, I know – I have been negligent in my blogging duties.  It’s been so cold, all the camera shutters froze and I haven’t been able to take any pics.  OK, it hasn’t been that bad.  It has been cold, but we’ve also had a little sunshine mixed in with some rain.

We are tentatively planning to depart Maine late this week … will see how the weather holds up.  Right now, it is snowing.  It started about 10AM and we have a pretty good coating on the deck.  The dogs enjoyed some time outside:

Yum, this must be something to eat:



Princess Natasha is not too sure about this stuff:



Stitch is still convinced it’s gotta be food:



Snow brings out the rowdy:







OK – we’re ready to go back in now:


Greetings from Maine

Nothing new here – we have had some rain, but at least it isn't as cold when it rains. Work on the driveway was hot and heavy today, but didn't get out to see it or take photos yet.

Lou has lost almost 30 lbs – all the exercise he is doing is helping a lot. We are planning to leave here next week, assuming he gets the ok to travel at his next doctor's appointment.

The dogs are going stir crazy with the rainy weather, but they've finally chilled for the night. Perhaps the turkey gravy they had with their dinner has them hyped up.


Earlier in the week, Natasha decided she would sleep on top of the couch pillow:


Then, Stitch decided he would rearrange all of the pillows:

That's about as exciting as it gets here.