Month: December 2013

Noon Report

Still Snowing …  I took Stitch downstairs to go outside.  Natasha was having nothing to do with the idea of going out.

He first ventures to the edge of the patio:



I tossed a few treats out into the snow … he’s curious, but not quite sure – he tentatively checks things out, before scampering back:







He can’t resist food – he knows there’s something out there, so he tries again:













Success!  There are no more treats in the snow, but he’s not convinced, so he has to try one more time:










Stitch will now be forever convinced that snow brings treats …

Yes, that’s a lot of photos of a dog in the snow … I am procrastinating finishing my packing.  More later.


Morning Report

It’s snowing, as expected.  It started about 10pm last night.  It’s currently cold and windy … and still snowing.  We will be watching the weather forecasts today and tomorrow, as we decide when to head out on our trek to Florida.  In the meantime, it’s time for some hot chocolate and warm woolen mittens …











Check back later, as there may be an afternoon report.

Moxie Comes to Play

Moxie came over to play with Natasha & Stitch today:


Moxie is a Lakeland Terrier – the same color as Natasha & Stitch – and weighs about 13 lbs.  She brought Emily & Ben with her; they are watching Moxie while Emily’s parents are traveling.

We didn’t know how the dogs would all get along.  Natasha has always done well with other dogs at the kennel, and so has Stitch.  But, lately he has been all bark face whenever he sees another dog.


We introduced them outside, and there was a lot of posturing.  Moxie gave as good as she got – she’s got spunk.  Once we had them inside with leashes on, we gradually let them nose around each other and then they had a great time – romping all around together.


Moxie was right in there, chasing the ball (not caring whether she got it or not).  Natasha was happy because someone was throwing the ball, and Stitch was pretty much his normal doofus self.







Natasha even let Moxie get the ball:



Moxie got braver, and grabbed the squeaky spider from the toy box – the others didn’t mind:



Ben teased all three of them:



Natasha & Stitch wanted Moxie to stay, but she had to go before it started to snow!  It was a fun afternoon, and we should have three tuckered-out pups this evening.

Work Continues

The guys continue working on the driveway in the freezing cold. The plan is to put pavers down on the part in front of the garage and house:


The dogs take a break from watching the workers:

Our plan is still to leave Monday, assuming we can get out of the driveway after snow on Sunday …


Northport Outlaws

Reporting in on the latest travel plans.  Lou is clear and free to go, according to his cardiologist.  He’s doing so well, he’s even taken him off a number of the post-surgery medications.  After reviewing the weather situation, we have set Monday morning as our departure date.  This, of course, can change again if the weather forecast is off.

Happy to report Stitch does not have any bad effects from his mouse trap escapade, other than being stuck to the carpet for an hour or so last night (just kidding).

Today’s photo is from last Friday evening; we treated our neighbors to a dinner at the Youngtown Inn to say thank you for all of their hospitality during our stay here, and to let them know we are happy to have such nice neighbors.  The folks standing next to me are Roger & Donna – they live on the left (looking towards the water), and Caroline & Ed live two doors to our right.  Don’t know who the skinny guy is in the back.


Snow is Still Here

It snowed some more yesterday, then rained a little. This morning, we still have some on the ground. Took some snaps while out with the dogs (not so easy, with two cocker spaniels pulling).

As for morning excitement – Stitch stepped on one of those sticky mouse traps in the garage, and Lou had to try to extract his furry paws from it.  He is now trying to lick the rest of the glue off (Stitch, not Lou).  This is why we don’t allow poison traps …