Month: December 2013

Christmas Tree Time

Working on getting the tree decorated. We have an extra challenge this year … Stitch, better known as Meatball. The tree may have very few ornaments on the lower half.

The first casualty – Mr. Moose, who travelled all the way from Alaska in one piece, only to meet his demise in Florida:

Someone found Mr. Moose before he made it to the tree. Perhaps we can perform surgery on the ears and antlers:


And, Lou just got back from the grocery store – you would think we've been gone for months …


Day 4 – Home

We made it! Left Georgia at 7:30am and hit the island before 2 pm. Now it will take some time to decompress and unpack.


Natasha perked up when we drove into PGA National, and went crazy when she saw Sandra.


The house is in great shape, thanks to Martha and Jamie. Now, we have to adapt to 75 degree Florida weather. It will be tough, but we'll manage.





Day 3 – Greetings from Georgia

We left Doswell, VA this morning just before 8am, and made it to Richmond Hill, GA (just past Savannah) by 4:15pm.

First, a few photos from yesterday. It was snowing again when we left Fairfield, CT:



The weather was still on the crummy side as we crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge in NY before 10am:



It had cleared by the afternoon – passing through Baltimore at 2pm:



It’s always good to get this part of the drive completed, since there is often lots of traffic, even though Lou takes circuitous routes to avoid the heart of the big cities.

As reported yesterday, we overnighted in Doswell, VA – we had rain last night, but it was clear this morning:



We had a clear run all day – 500 miles on I95.  Not too exciting, but it was good to have nice weather.

We did pass through Lou’s home state:



And now, we are tucked into the Best Western – trying to keep Stitch from barking every time someone shuts a door!



We’ll be home tomorrow …

Day 2 – Just Driving

A short update, since the wi-fi seems to be out at the hotel.

We left Fairfield, Connecticut at 7:06 am. It snowed lightly all morning. We passed through New York. New Jersey, Delaware. Maryland, and Virginia.

By Delaware, there was very little snow left on the ground.

Arrived in sunny Doswell, VA at 3:30pm.

The dogs were mostly good. Stitch gets bored and pesters Natasha. You can almost hear “Mom!!! Stitch crossed the line. Make him stay on his side.”


Day 1: Winter Wonderland

We made it!!  Out of the driveway, at least.  Actually, we left Northport around 8am and pulled into the Best Western in Fairfield Connecticut at 4:15pm.

The morning started with a nice “goodbye” sunrise:



The Rocket-Mobile is loaded and ready to go.  Notice, we are pointing out of the garage, ready to get that extra zoom in order to get up the driveway:



Whew – we made it.  Wait, why are we stopped?  What???  Lou’s checking to make sure the garage door closed.  After a few spins, we backed up and tried again:



OMG (there I go again) … we’re going to take out the landscape crew – they’ll never get this project finished now!!!



It wasn’t bad, we made it out fine.  There was still quite a bit of snow/ice on the road until we reached highway one, but it didn’t hamper our progress:



Our annual “last pass through Camden photo:”



Lots of people out dealing with snow – in one way or another:





It was a very pretty drive, since it was sunny all day and the snow was so fresh:







We made it to New Hampshire before noon:



This truck was creating it’s own blizzard – snow chunks were flying off the top:








We’re going to try and get an early start tomorrow, since light snow is forecast for Connecticut.  We will no doubt hit some traffic as we go through New York, but then it should be smooth sailing.

Evening Report

Welllll … we are pretty much packed up.  Departure tomorrow depends on whether we can get out of the driveway and the road reports.  Roland (who watches the house while we are gone) came today and plowed the driveway – as best he could, since it still has Project Armageddon clutter.

Glad folks liked the Stitch-in-the-snow pics.  He is a very funny dog, even when he’s not trying. Natasha decided she did not want to take her turn in the snow.  She did learn she can’t squat and pee in 6 inch snow …

Took a few pics of the house when it stopped snowing at 3:30pm or so.



One of our new “Christmas Trees” at the top of the driveway:



The water looks calm here, but it was really rough most of the day, the wind finally died down late this afternoon:



I don’t know what I’ll do for photos in Florida, since I won’t have all of these interesting artifacts at the house:



That’s it for our first big snow day.  Check back tomorrow to see if we actually leave.