Month: December 2013

The Aliens have Landed!

Cath, Mark, Olivia, and Victoria arrived yesterday evening.  They missed their connection out of Dallas, so ended up in Ft. Lauderdale.  That was fine, but their luggage didn’t make it … and it’s afternoon the next day and still no luggage …

But, a quick trip to Target and the girls are now in the pool.  First, Mark had to take the daily pic – no dogs allowed!



Catherine enjoyed quiet time in the spa:



My action models …






Christmas Dinner

Oops – forgot to post this earlier.  Jeannette made it to the house about noon, and we had a  nice day and then Lou cooked a delicious roast for dinner.

Christmas Dinner-3


Christmas Dinner-4


Christmas Dinner-6


None of the humans were up to posing for photos, but the pups waited patiently for Lou to accidentally drop something (he didn’t):

Christmas Dinner-7


Our reindeer/moose center piece:

Christmas Dinner-5


A few more photos from the tree.  Oops, the angel on top is crooked – I told Lou not to worry about it.  Figured it was better to be safe than have a straight angel …

Christmas Dinner-8


Christmas Dinner-2


Christmas Dinner-1


The tree skirt is missing – didn’t want to tempt Stitch.  So far, he has not paid much attention to the ornaments or the tree.

Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday – The first batch of California Kids arrives tomorrow, then Beth gets here next week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Merry Christmas Eve

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday Festivities. We have the tree decorated, now just have to clean up the leftovers (from decorating, not from dinner – it's not even 6pm here!)

A nice surprise arrived from Beth. Lou says it is a Christmas Moose, but I suspect it is a reindeer. Thank you, Beth and Todd and Jack.

Here is our beautiful tree …

Note: the iPad camera didn't quite do the job. I'll take some with the camera tomorrow 🙂

Don't forget to leave cookies for Santa…


Yesterday’s Surprise

I say “surprise,” because we had talked about replacing the mustang for something more practical. Since car shopping is a least favorite activity, I was surprised Lou set out on his own.

He found a Jeep Wrangler he liked, and made a deal.

Once I got to the dealership, with the dogs, he said, “Let's look at Grand Cherokees. We had been talking about trading the Toyota Highlander in for something bigger. I didn't think he liked the Grand Cherokees. We found one, made a deal in about 5 minutes, and then the waiting began. It just took a long time to do the DMV paperwork for two trade-in deals, and they had to prepare the new cars for us – they aren't going to let you out without the new car.

So, that was the surprising day. Carl, our nice salesman, had a good day…

As you can see, we were not adventurous in our choices – the Wrangler is much like the one we had in Arizona, and the Cherokee is white – just like the Toyota.

And, for once, my procrastination paid off. The Highlander was running on fumes when I pulled into the dealership, and I told Lou I needed gas for the ride home. Saved $60.


A Very Long Day …

The pups had an appointment for a bath at noon today. Little did they know, they would not get home until 7:30pm. Lou was missing when I came home after dropping them off. When I went back to pick them up at 3pm, I got a call from Lou – he wanted me to meet him in North Palm Beach.

OK – picked the dogs up and met him. A prize to whoever figures out where we spent the afternoon:


4pm – pups checking out the environment:


5:30pm: Let's just take a nap:


7pm: We give up, we'll just sleep here tonight:

Any guesses? I will just say, I think the dog photos capture the experience.