Month: November 2013

Happy Turkey Day

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day.  Lou cooked a giant turkey and we had plenty of food, as you might imagine.

Emily and Ben came over in the afternoon and helped wear out the dogs, and made some pies.  John & Erica joined us a little later, and were not totally overwhelmed by the pups. The guys watched some football, and we sat down to dinner at 5:30 (!!!! – included this tidbit for those in the family who have never seen us eat before 8:00pm …).

The turkey (looks just like Martha Stewart’s):



The mincemeat pie – complete with a sailboat:



Emily supervises Stitch & Tasha:



Lou, Erica & John checking on dinner – Ben scoping out the pies:



Lou switched things up, and made a nice fruit salad instead of a green one:



We’re getting serious – the carving has begun.  There was some discussion about whether or not Lou should be trusted with the knife …



A toast – Ben samples his first taste of wine in several months – turns out, thinking about it was better than drinking it 🙂



And, we all enjoyed dinner, eating too much as usual.  The lovely soup you see was made by John & Erica – butternut squash and roasted garlic. It was delicious.



I did intend to get a group photo, but got sidetracked by dinner.  Just imagine Lou and I at the table as well.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed sharing our turkey with friends, and realize how much we all have to be thankful for.

OMG – Yes, It’s Snowing Again…

No doubt about it today.  We woke up to white stuff falling from the sky, and sticking to the ground:



One of two baby Crushes still on site:



Lou took the dogs on his walk today.  He said they enjoyed making yellow snow – about 25 times!



Stitch thinks it’s something to eat:



Natasha doesn’t look too pleased with this new development:



This may be my favorite photo of the year so far:


I laughed when Lou came in and said, “Look at your hair.”  He said, “What, I combed it before I left …”

Thanks for the Anniversary Wishes!

36 years … hard to believe. Grandma reminded us that the 25th is the day – we usually commemorate the occasion on the day after Thanksgiving, since we never remember the date. Thanks, Grandma!

Lou surprised me with two lovely gifts yesterday:

A beautiful bouquet:



And, a most useful gift:




Hanging out in Northport

We had a nice sunny day, but it's still on the chilly side. Natasha and Stitch are happy since Ben and Emily are here. They went out for a while today while I set up the new Xbox One (because I don't have enough gaming consoles).

Last night, Emily and Ben made delicious fish tacos for dinner:


Lou is cooking a roast tonight, and Ben and I are racing on the new Xbox. Tasha and Stitch are sleeping, despite all the noise.

Ben had a rough start in Prague:

But he pulled it out in the end for the win:


Alaska is Done!

Finally, the Alaska Story is done.  Here is the link: Alaska 2013

Update 2021 – The Ultra Alaska Blog is now in its third iteration. Same content, just updated formatting.

The first post now has links to the individual weeks, so you won’t have to repeat early stuff if you don’t want to.

Note that there is now a Comments Section – the link is at the top of the page in the green bar.

Thanks to everyone who has helped do the testing to get us this far!

In other news, Orange Crush is gone!!! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s quieter here – will get an update in the next day or two.

Happy Birthday, Natasha

It’s hard to believe Natasha is two years old today!  She’s planning to write her own guest blog all about it, but she’s been pretty busy today:

First, she had to take a nap in Lou’s office:



And then, because it’s her birthday, she got some special “No-Stictch” time and got to take a nap with Lou:



Natasha says Happy Birthday to all her Sisters and Brothers, especially Hannah, Ava, and Cyrus !!!