Month: October 2013

A Big Thanks

For the feedback on the Alaska Blog. I will be continuing to work on it and hope not to take another 6 months to finish. Now that the infrastructure seems to work, it's not as time consuming.

Our photo for the day:

Everyone here is tuckered out. Today was Lou's first experience at Cardiac Rehab, so after even more exercise than he's been getting, he's pretty tired. We (me and the dogs) dropped him off at 11:30am and picked him up an hour later. His rehab may be great for him, but it didn't go too well for me … Nothing to do but stop by McDonald's for lunch while he was working out. I really didn't have a choice – Natasha doesn't like the fries from Wendy's. Good thing his appointments next week are in the morning.

We had to go back to Belfast at 2:30 for his lab tests. And, I had to pick up my new phone. He got his on Tuesday. Tomorrow's post will be the big reveal – did he get another iPhone???

Oh – one more thing. It is starting to get very cold here, and it's raining right now.

Whew – Part 1 of Alaska is Done

Not much local news to report – it is getting very cold.  It actually seems warm outside in the sun when it’s 46.  It’s so cold here Lou even turned on the heat, so you know it’s cold.

I have finally sorted things out and have the report on the first week of our Alaska Trip up and running.  You have already seen many of the photos, but if you have the time to go through it, I’d appreciate feedback if you find any problems.  I had to redo it about 6 times due to various technical difficulties, misplacing photos, etc.  I’m particularly interested in whether or not you experience long loading times, for the blog or for the photo galleries.

The link is Alaska 2013: Our Ultra Uncruise Adventure .

The link above takes you to the stand alone blog for the month long Alaska Adventure.

The most exciting thing to happen here involves Stitch (again!).  He has finally learned to raise his leg when he pees … not sure that is a good thing, but at least he looks less wimpy now.  His favorite targets are the boulders and granite slabs the guys are working on in the driveway – I’m sure they appreciate his help.

Project Armageddon

We took an early morning drive to Bangor for Lou’s appointment, and took the dogs with us.  Thought it would be good practice for the long trip back to Florida (we are going back to Florida, aren’t we?).  It was a pleasant day for a drive.

Once home, all I could do was shake my head.  The project was to be completed by the end of October.  That looks unlikely:










Early evening I heard a noise as the dogs were running through the house.  Stitch had managed to open the door to the garage, went exploring, and came back with his new treasure.  Natasha was not pleased with his antics:




A Day on Our Own

We had a very quiet Sunday. In fact, everyone including the dogs napped off and on all day.  We’re missing the companionship, but happy to report Kathy & Steve made it home safely.  Kathy did say it was raining and hailing as they pulled into Machiasport.  We got a little rain – but mostly it’s just been very cold.

There is probably a message in the upcoming photo; I happened to notice this evening that the counter was filled with glasses from the last day, and there were a few dishes in the sink.  Hmmm, the kitchen has been virtually spotless the last couple of weeks.  It must be because it’s so cold out – that’s it, I’m sure 🙂

Don't look, Kathy!

Don’t look, Kathy!

In addition to being Martha Stewart in the kitchen, Kathy & Steve are very tidy.  I will say the dishes were put in the dishwasher, and it’s now running.

Lou continues to do well, as long as he doesn’t try to open a jar with a screwdriver (oops, guess that cat is out of the bag).  My nursing duties are pretty much limited to socks and chauffeuring.  He won’t be able to drive for a few more weeks.

Good Friends … Priceless!

We said a sad goodbye to Kathy & Steve today.  They are headed back to their place north of us to pack up before heading back to Florida.  Can’t express how much we appreciated their help and company.  Perhaps we can repay the favor someday (but not for the same reasons!).

Especially sad to see them go were the two little trouble makers.  I had them pose for photos with Aunt Kathy & Uncle Steve this morning:

Everyone poses nicely for the camera

Everyone poses nicely for the camera

Here's another go at it

Here’s another go at it

Natasha was having nothing to do with her Tiara - she wanted to eat Stitch's little horns

Natasha was having nothing to do with her Tiara – she wanted to eat Stitch’s little horns

Stitch puts up with just about anything

Stitch puts up with just about anything


Time to go, so I put the dogs on their leashes so they could say goodbye.  No need for that – they thought they were going too:

No, Stitch, you aren't getting in the car

No, Stitch, you aren’t getting in the car

While we were wrestling with Stitch, Natasha hopped in and made herself right at home

While we were wrestling with Stitch, Natasha hopped in and made herself right at home

Oh Boy, these pups are not happy to be left behind

Oh Boy, these pups are not happy to be left behind

Nooooooo - don't gooooooo ... woof, woof

Nooooooo – don’t gooooooo … woof, woof


Thanks again, Kathy & Steve!   I will try my best not to starve Lou now that I am in charge.

More of the Same

No alarming headlines, and before I continue, rest assured all dogs and humans are well.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, Lou somehow managed to stick a screwdriver in his hand. Because of the blood thinners he is taking, and the fact that we don't need an infection starting, we were once again off to the Emergency Room (it seems to function as the local Urgent Care facility as well). Even though it was fairly busy, he was quickly seen and taken care of. A good cleaning, a tetanus shot, and a couple of stitches, and we were back on the road to home. The nurse told us to come back to the emergency room in 7 days to get the stitches out. I don't think they do that at Seattle Grace.

When I showed him the photos I was posting, he barely looked at them – just said, “remember this when it's your turn …” But, since I really just have atmosphere shots, I think he will be a good sport. The PA who stitched him up said you'd be surprised how many people make him stop so they can take a photo and put it on facebook. At least I didn't do that.

This is three unplanned events – let's hope that is the magic number.