Month: June 2013

Whales … And More

Nothing much new here – seems like it has been raining forever, but we are finally seeing the sun today (Sunday).  Kathy & Steve are coming for the 4th, so we are looking forward to company.

We finished Week No. 1 in the last post.  Week No. 2 had us boarding the same boat on Saturday afternoon (May 25th).  The previous week had been beautiful – lots of gorgeous scenery and perfect weather, but very little wildlife.  On the first full day of our second week – Cruising from Ketchikan back to Juneau along the Western Coves of the Inside Passage – we saw a ton of wildlife:

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Flying over Misty Fjords

We’ll continue with some Alaska photos, since there’s not much else happening.  We ended our first week of cruising in Ketchikan.  After we got off the ship, we were picked up and taken to Island Wings – we had booked a flightseeing tour over Misty Fjords.  I wasn’t sure how this would be, since we had just cruised through the area on the boat.  It turned out to be a fantastic trip.  The weather was cloudy and not too warm – perfect for the flight.














Meeting the Neighbors, and More from Alaska

Yesterday, we had an invitation to visit with our neighbors.  It was nice to meet them and we are happy to know we have such nice neighbors.

We continue to slowly settle in to the house here in Maine.  The weather has been hot / humid / rainy / cold – every thing you can imagine in the last week.

I wanted to include some more photos from Alaska.  I think I will actually do a separate small blog on the Alaska trip, so anyone who wants more detail can follow it there – and we’ll have it as a reference.  I’ll let you know when it is up.  For now, I’ll just continue to share some highlights here.

Week 1 Cruise – We’ve already shared a number of photos from Week 1, which was the Eastern Coves of the Inside Passage, from Juneau to Ketchikan.  Highlights included the weather – which was sunny for the whole week once we left Juneau, the scenery, and getting to know folks on board the boat.  The two most scenic areas occurred on the first day and the last day of our cruise.  We showed the photos from Sawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm.  On the last full cruising day, we cruised into Misty Fjords National Monument and anchored for the morning.  Misty Fjords is also called the Yosemite of the North – high granite cliffs, lots of waterfalls, and a misty cloud covering.  It was drop dead gorgeous.  We had a wonderful skiff tour; the water was so calm and clear, the reflections were magical:










Before we pulled up anchor at lunchtime, it was time for the Polar Plunge.  Crazy People had the opportunity to jump into 45+ degree water to go for a swim.  Nuts!  Needless to say, we were smart and just watched the craziness:







The rest of the afternoon was spent cruising through Misty Fjords and onto an anchorage close to Ketchikan, where we would end Week 1 the next day.  This is a very special place, and one you shouldn’t miss if you have an opportunity to visit.






Guest Blog, Part 2 – Mij Sees Maine

First – a Shout Out to UCLA for winning the College World Series baseball tournament.  Cody Regis, second baseman, is the son of friends, and it was exciting to see his team go all the way.  Congrats to the Regis family!!!


Guest Blog, continued …

Mij returned to Arizona yesterday.  The pups are sad and miss her, but they will have to adjust to life with the old folks for a while.

We’ve had a heatwave for a couple of days, finally cooled off with a thunderstorm last night.  Natasha and Stitch didn’t care for the thunder.

A few more pics from Mij – including some from a visit Acadia National Park (Emily & Ben watched the pups – I think this was when Ben gave Stitch the new nickname “Meatball.”):


Jessup Path - Acadia

Jessup Path – Acadia


River - Acadia

River – Acadia


Jordan Pond - Acadia

Jordan Pond – Acadia


Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung


Sunrise - Penobscot Bay

Sunrise – Penobscot Bay


Trouble - Stitch gets stuck under the bed, and Natasha investigates

Trouble – Stitch gets stuck under the bed, and Natasha investigates

Guest Blog – Mij sees Maine

Mij has been kind enough to share some of her photos with us from the month she has been here with the pups.  She did a great job seeing many places we haven’t begun to explore, and it’s great having the inside knowledge she has picked up.

For today, I’ll share some of the animal photos she’s taken.  She went to the Maine Wildlife Park, York Zoo, a few other places,  and found bears, moose, eagles, and more!  We went all the way to Alaska, and I think Mij did as well or better within 2 hrs from home.

Moose - Maine WIldlife Park

Moose – Maine WIldlife Park


Eagle - Maine Wildlife Park

Eagle – Maine Wildlife Park


Fawn - Maine WIldlife Park

Fawn – Maine WIldlife Park


Bear - Maine Wildlife Park

Bear – Maine Wildlife Park


Baby Goat - York Zoo

Baby Goat – York Zoo


Tiger - Dew Animal Sanctuary

Tiger – Dew Animal Sanctuary


Orange Butterfly - York Zoo

Orange Butterfly – York Zoo


We’ll have some more tomorrow!  Thanks much to Mij for showing how much is available so close to home.

Cruising – in Maine

We went for a ride on the boat today.  The weather was cloudy, but no rain (yet).  Lou took us down the coastline, and past the house.  It’s the first time we’ve seen it from the water.

Our favorite - Curtis Light House in Camden Harbor

Our favorite – Curtis Light House in Camden Harbor


Stitch makes it up one step

Stitch makes it up one step


Natasha shows him how it's done.

Natasha shows him how it’s done.


Mij is ready to take some photos

Mij is ready to take some photos


Emily entertains the pups

Emily entertains the pups


Lots of leaves on the trees!

Lots of leaves on the trees!


Ours is the one near the end of the point

Ours is the one just right of the middle


It was a fun trip.  We also saw some geese and baby geese when we got back to the dock.  Hopefully, Mij got some good pics.