Month: February 2013

A Busy Week

We've had a busy week. Finally finished off furniture selections today for the Maine House. We aren't looking for a show place, but wanted to have everything ready when we get there in late April. Choosing furniture is not as much fun as you might think 😉


Dawn & Kathy are helping us – we worked with them on the last major Florida remodel. But – had to make them promise – no plastic plants 🙂

Natasha was not invited to furniture picking out; she was not happy …

Guest Blog: Chrisie & Yan go to Bali

Today’s Guest Blog comes to you from Chrisie and Yan.  They recently took a short holiday in Bali – going to the Kuta area.  This area has beautiful beaches and is a very popular tourist spot in Bali.

Here are a few photos from their trip – I didn’t get a lot of explanation with the photos, so Chrisie can correct me if I’ve got anything wrong.


Yan stands in front of a sign that says (I think), “Welcome to Kuta Beach.”

20130211 YanKutaBali



Chrisie poses …

20130211 ChrisieinKuta



A photo of the beach and surf:

20130211 Beach



Some future surfers:

20130211 Futuresurfers



Guys loading their surfboard on a taxi…

20130211 Surfboard



Transportation:  Old & New

20130211 OldandNew



Yan poses by his girlfriend:

20130211 Yansgirlfriend



Traditional Bali Food:

20130212 Traditional Bali Food

Goodbye, Willow Cross

For some reason, it’s always harder to keep the blog going when we are back in Florida (perhaps because we are not traveling, and the excitement of our day to day life might prove overwhelming to those of you who are kind enough to check in to see how we’re doing 😉 )

I do have some nice photos from Chrisie and Yan that I want to share, but first, a general update.

Arizona:  We are officially no longer homeowners in the desert.  Escrow closed, and the proceeds are finally in our account.  Thank Goodness!  This was one of the strangest real estate deals we’ve been involved in – the folks who bought the house made an offer within two days of it going on the market (late November, if I remember correctly) – and the deal was to close before the end of January.  Delays, delays, delays … we flew to Arizona the week of Feb 10th to pack, clean, and sign all of the closing papers.  Upon arrival at the escrow office, we were told it would be another week before the closing finished up from the buyer’s side.  At this point, Lou almost walked away from the deal – but he hung in there, and (as he predicted), the deal was finally done on late Friday the 22nd, the last possible moment – thanks to their bank, we think – which meant the funds wouldn’t reach our account until Monday the 25th (which Lou also predicted).  Whew!  The house actually sold much quicker than expected, but the uncertainty throughout the whole process was not so much fun.

Here are a few photos to close out our time at Willow Cross – we very much enjoyed the house and living in Cave Creek, but are now looking forward to getting settled in Maine.

The help we got from Mij with sorting and tossing was invaluable! We still don’t know what to do with all the artwork we’ve collected over the years …
Even Doc Baker got involved, helping take some stuff off our hands. We’re not sure he wanted all of it, but Mij said he needed it 😉 Again, everyone’s help was much appreciated.
You can see the storm brewing … fitting for one of our last days at the Willow Cross house. There’s nothing like a desert storm.
Goodbye, Willow Cross. We will miss you.
No more stepping out the front door to capture the brilliant sunsets (we have to go out the back door in Florida)…

Hello from Florida

It seems strange to be back in Florida, with no place to go for at least 6 weeks! Our plan was to meet the movers in Maine on April 7th. Lou just got a jury summons for April 8th – and he already changed it once, so plans are in the air.


Snapped this with the iPad. The toy she's lying on is one we brought back from AZ; it belonged to Maggie. She also decided it was lobster time. the first thing she did when we got home was drag every toy out of her crate and storage turtle.



Even though Natasha has quite a bit of Cocker Attitude, she still has a way to go to catch up with Maggie:



We Are Home

We made it safely into Jacksonville and spent the night at Steve and Kathy’s.  We made it home this afternoon, having collected the dog.

It turns out, the Dognapping plot may have been instigated by Natasha to wrangle a few more days of vacation – she had such a good time she wasn’t quite ready to come home!

Breaking News on Dognapping Case…

We've just received an anonymous photo tip – the nefarious dognapper is trying to outwit us by changing disguises:




We ask everyone to be on the lookout for these two – assumed to be hanging out somewhere in a garage in Neptune Beach.


And, on the travel news front – we are now in Dallas. Only 3 more hours to go, and we will hopefully board the flight to JAX!