Month: January 2013

The Cruise is Going Well

We are having a good time … relaxing and mostly eating too much.  Had a good time today in Grand Cayman – we met Nan at the dock, visited and had a nice lunch.  It was warm!  So far, weather has been good.

Here are some photos from our first night on the boat:

Oops, guess no photos.  The internet on the ship is so slow, it won’t load the photos.  We’ll just have to wait until we get back to share some of the trip. (Edit – photos added on Friday)

We hope Natasha is not driving Ben & Emily too crazy!


Click pic for larger image

We are Still Here …

Haven’t posted in the last few days, been busy trying to get some things done. Ben & Emily made it safely and they are doing a good job of wearing Natasha out every day.

We leave tomorrow morning for our next outing. We take the Disney Wonder out of Miami for a 5 day cruise to the Caribbean. Our timing isn’t the best – we have lots of other things we should be doing, but these reservations were made about 8 months ago, before we knew there would be some significant real estate happenings.


Here’s Natasha – resting up just before company arrived:


Happy Birthday Ben

Ben (aka, Natasha's Godfather) is having a birthday today. And, we believe he is freezing his a$$ off in Maine today. Good thing he and Emily will be arriving here in nice sunny Florida at the end of the week. They have kindly volunteered to watch the mutt while Lou and I take a short jaunt to the Caribbean.





We Went on a Safari!

While visiting Disney World, we spent a day at Animal Kingdom. One of the highlights here is always the Kilimanjaro Safari. We braved the rigors of the African plains and saw many animals.











The day did get more frightening as we went on. We barely survived our encounter with the cougar and tiger:



The whole group took time out to brunch with a duck:


We’ll have more about our Animal Kingdom day coming up soon.

Guest Blog from Chrisie

Chrisie sent some interesting pics from the flooding in Jakarta.  Fortunately this is not where she and Yan live.  She said they have had some flooding, but not too bad.  Jakarta is about 400 miles from Surabaya.  Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia (the 13th most-populated city in the world) with a population of over 10 million people.  It is sad to see the flooding, as it is something that seems to happen every year during monsoon season.

We hope Chrisie and Yan stay safe, and that the flooding in Jakarta doesn’t get worse.






Happy Birthday Beth !!!!!

This is a big one for Beth. She, however, doesn't look a day over 20.

I've been thinking maybe it was time to take the tree down, and Natasha decided to give me a hint as well. She dragged the Tree Skirt down near her toys this morning – first time she's touched it.


Took a few pics of some of the Disney ornaments as I was taking them down:





And then, I had to go rescue Princess Tiana before Natasha ate her: